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Unique Items for Back to School

One of the best parts of school starting back up in the fall is back to school shopping. Buying all new supplies and getting organized for the year can feel almost as exciting as Christmas morning. From the unique decor in dorm rooms to unique gifts for teachers, we have your back-to-school shopping covered.

 little girl sitting in the library aisle reading

Back to School Items For Grade School

If your little one is off to grade school, you need school supplies that will stand up to the day-to-day life of a 10-year-old. Luckily, we carry several sustainable products that are meant to last for years to come.

 unique orange backpack water repellent material


Every kid needs a backpack to head off to school with. Whether it’s stuffed full of homework and books, gym clothes, or a lunch bag, it will need to last all year long. This backpack by ALBERT CUYP is made of recycled, water repellent, market stall covers so you know it will last through bus rides, field trips, play dates, and soccer practice. Plus, it comes in five unique colors to match your kid’s personality.


Pencil Case

We’ve heard from teachers from kindergarten to high school, that students are always losing their writing utensils. Some schools have even started to take away participation points in class if a student shows up without their pencil. Make sure your child is always prepared with these colorful pencil cases by KODA. They’re made with upholstery remnants and curtain fabrics to create a sustainable and durable pencil case!


Our Favorite Back to School Items for High School

High school can be stressful for students; they’re starting to decide the next steps in their lives, and are beginning to test the waters of adulthood. High school is also a time where teenagers start developing a unique and personal style. Your favorite high school student will love these chic and stylish back to school accessories.

 fishbone patterend scarf in blue

Fishbone Patterned Scarf

Most teens would rather freeze than wear a coat to school. Instead of fighting with your teen to bundle up on those cool fall days, provide them with a chic and trendy scarf to keep them warm and to keep your mind at ease. This fishbone patterned scarf by SJAELZ & MORE is 100% cashmere and comes in a variety of neutral tones to match with any outfit. Buy more than one so your teen can mix it up and show off their inner fashionista.


Cosmetic Bag

Between makeup, pens and pencils, and sanitary products, teen girls have a lot of things to carry with them to school. And some of those items they’d rather carry in a discreet way. This cosmetic bag by KODA comes in a variety of fun and unique color combinations and is perfect for the teen that has a lot to carry.


Best Back to School Items for College

Going away to college is a big life step. It’s the first real taste of independence, and the first time many teens will have the opportunity to decorate their space-based completely on their own tastes. Shopping for college is a fun experience and allows teens to find unique decor that they love.

 blue canvas and leather pocket tote bag

Tote Bag

From campus to internships, every college student needs a professional bag to carry with them. Large enough for textbooks, a laptop, and even a change of clothes, the Lou’s Big Bag is perfect for the college student in your life. Looking for unique gifts to give a recent high school grad? This is absolutely perfect for the student off to the school of their dreams.


World Traveler Art Tile

One of the most exciting parts of going off to college is decorating a dorm room, but it can feel overwhelming trying to make white cement blocks feel like home. No matter where your favorite college student ends up, this World Traveler Art Tile is the perfect piece of unique decor to liven up their dorm room. Not only will this gorgeous piece of art fit perfectly with any dorm decor, but it will also help inspire their future travels.


Garment Rack

Dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for offering a lot of space. Depending on how the dormitories are set up, there could be three other people sharing the room. That’s where this garment rack by ZOOI comes in handy. It’s stylish enough to pass as a piece of unique decor and functional enough to meet the needs of the student that probably doesn’t need that many tops.


Bluetooth Speaker

If you’ve been searching for unique gifts to send your favorite teen off to college with but haven’t been inspired, this Bluetooth speaker is the answer. The sleek metal design makes it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for even the smallest spaces. It may be compact enough to fit on a dorm room desk, but the sound quality is excellent, so you can be certain it will quickly become a necessity for any new college student.


Throw Blanket

Dorm rooms aren’t always known for excellent temperature control. Send your favorite college student off to school with a knitted throw blanket. This cozy piece of unique decor is perfect for late-night study sessions and movie nights on snow days. Available in three different color combinations, this warm and comfortable throw will match any dorm aesthetic.


Back to School Purchases for Teachers

Back to school season wouldn’t be possible without the amazing teachers who work tirelessly to educate our students. Instead of giving your child’s teacher another apple-themed present, get them one of these unique gifts that they’ll love.

 coral notebook with let's meet on the cover


Gift your child’s teacher this beautiful coral colored notebook made of recycled paper, perfect for lesson planning or parent-teacher conferences. Any teacher will love this elegant and gorgeous notebook that will brighten up their day and their classroom.


Cashmere Scarf

This 100% cashmere scarf is a soft and bright addition to any teacher’s wardrobe. The fun pattern and beautiful curry green color makes for a perfect gift for kindergarten teachers to college professors.


Magnetic Chalkboard

Searching for unique gifts that are as useful as they are beautiful? Teachers will love this magnetic chalkboard. It’s perfect for displaying the day's objectives, the school schedule, or that night’s homework.

No matter if you’re looking for unique decor for a college dorm room or the perfect unique gifts for the best teacher, we have everything you might need in our store. Shop all unique items now.

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