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Our Favorite Unique Gifts

Shopping for gifts can be challenging. You want the perfect present to show you care. We believe that the perfect gift is a unique gift. These are the gifts you give that bring joy and are used for many years to come. Below are some of our favorite unique gifts.

Unique Gifts For Him

Three leather modern aprons

Wallets are always a great gift for men, and we believe that some of our fresh takes on wallets are the perfect modern gifts for the modern man. We also love our leather and wood products that make for unique gifts for all occasions.

  • WITLOFT LEATHER APRON-CRAFT COLLECTION - This leather apron is the perfect gift for the hands-on guy. If he loves woodworking, grilling, or gardening, this is a great gift for him! This apron comes in three different colors giving you a variety of options for all the men in your life.
  • BROOD + PLANK CUTTING BOARD - The Brood + Plank Cutting Board is perfect for the guy that loves to cook and barbecue. The large French Oak board with a leather strap is great for carving up a steak before throwing it on the grill or for displaying your favorite cheeses on game night.
  • ALUMINIUM WALTER WALLET - This wallet is made from recycled aluminum so all his cards will be protected with an RFID shield. The wallet comes in black, gold, or raw aluminum so you can tailor it to your special someone’s specific tastes.

No matter what you decide, we can assure you that all the men in your life will love these modern gifts with a rustic touch.

Unique Modern Gifts For Her

variety of modern scarves

It can be hard finding unique gifts for women. You have to know their style and size if you’re going to buy them clothes or what their home decor looks like if you want to buy them something to put on display. We recommend modern gifts with a classic style to ensure that she loves every surprise.

  • SJAELZ & MORE 100% CASHMERE SCARF - This scarf in Grey-Green is the perfect addition to any outfit. The neutral tones ensure that it will match with any piece of clothing and any style, while the print helps it stand out in a crowd.
  • O MY BAG - POSH STACEY MIDI - Every woman needs a functional and classic tote. This O MY BAG tote is perfect for the woman on the go. It comes in three neutral colors and is big enough to fit the everyday essentials while still being professional enough to bring to work.
  • ONSHUS KNITTED THROW - This throw blanket is an excellent gift for the woman who loves spending a night in with a book and a glass of wine. No matter how their house is decorated the white and gray throw is sure to match. They’ll appreciate this gift every time there’s a chill in the air.

Unique Gifts For the Little Ones

Unless you spend a lot of time with children, it can be hard to come up with unique gifts that they don’t already have. Instead of risking getting them another copy of Are You My Mother? grab one of these modern gifts for kids that are sure to be a hit with your favorite little ones.

  • PUIK PIGGY BANK - This is a classic take on modern gifts and is perfect for the little one in your life that’s secretly saving up for that kiddie-sized drum set their parents won’t buy for them. The piggy bank is made out of paper mâché so once it’s full, they can imitate your favorite old school cartoon by smashing it open! Another bonus? They can also draw on it and decorate it however they want!
  • ZUPERZOZIAL KIDS DINNER SET - If you’ve ever been around kids at dinner time, you know it can be difficult to get them to sit still and actually eat. With this gift, you’ll be the star of the show for parents and kids alike by getting them interested enough in their plate to sit down and see what’s going on! The dinner set comes in a variety of different animal characters including a flamingo and panda duo, a whale and Nemo look-alike, and even a dinosaur!
  • For the kid that has too many books, if there really is such a thing, these bookends are the perfect gift! You can choose between THE ZOO ROCKY ELEPHANT or THE ZOO ROCKY PANDA. Even though they look like just another stuffed toy, they’re functional and heavy enough to be used as bookends or even a doorstop.

Unique Gifts For the Mom-To-Be

We’ve all been there — when you’ve procrastinated on buying a baby shower gift, and suddenly there’s nothing left on the registry. With these unique and modern gifts, you’ll be the talk of the baby shower instead of the one who waited until the last minute!

  • O MY BAG - DIAPER BAG - Every mom needs a good diaper bag, and we’re convinced this is one of the best. Made from canvas, the exterior of the bag is strong enough to be thrown in cars, hang off the side of strollers, or survive a commute on the train. Even better? The inside is made of easy to clean fabric so it can be wiped down in the two minutes mom has at the end of the day. Plus, with all the internal pockets, it keeps everything organized and in place so mom never has to think about where she put the wipes.
  • MOOI NECKLACE - Sometimes the mom-to-be needs something just for her. This beautiful and vibrant necklace is the perfect way to spoil mom during and after pregnancy. 

No matter what you choose, these modern gifts will be the perfect surprise for any occasion. Interested in seeing more of what Uniek Living has to offer? Visit our store here or read one of our curated blogs like this one that teaches you how to use Dutch design to decorate for small spaces. You never know what will inspire your next set of unique gifts!

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