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From Practical to Precious: 5 Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

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A friend or family member is expecting! It’s such an exciting time in their lives and the lives of those around them. But if your friend has no registry or already has most needs covered, what do you get them for this big occasion? In this article, we'll guide you through five gift ideas that will steal the show at the baby shower and offer personalized gift ideas for mom and dad too. Let’s dive in. 

Gift Idea 1: An Ergonomically-Designed Baby Carrier

A baby carrier with an ergonomic design is a wonderful gift because it allows parents to keep their baby close while keeping their hands free. Companies like TushBaby and many other companies offer comfortable and convenient carrier options to help moms and dads on the go.

Carriers like these are designed to evenly distribute the baby's weight across the wearer's body, reducing strain on the shoulders and back. They typically come with padded straps and/or a waist belts for added comfort. Plus, many ergonomic carriers offer multiple carrying positions, allowing parents to carry their baby facing in, facing out, or even on their back as the baby grows. This closeness promotes bonding between parent and baby while allowing the parent to go about their daily activities with ease.

Baby Shower Gift 2: Diaper Bag Backpack

A diaper bag backpack is great for parents on the go. Unlike traditional diaper bags that can be cumbersome to carry (a lot of weight on one shoulder), diaper bag backpacks distribute the weight evenly across the wearer's shoulders, making them much more comfortable to carry, especially for longer outings. 

They typically come with multiple compartments and pockets, making it easy for parents to organize and access diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, and other baby essentials. Some even come with insulated pockets for keeping bottles warm or cool. Plus, many diaper bag backpacks come in stylish designs that parents will love to carry even when they're not with their baby.

Gift Idea 3: Baby Grooming Kit

A baby grooming kit is an often overlooked, but incredibly practical gift that includes all the essentials parents need to keep their baby clean and comfortable. They can be designed for at home, or on the go.

These kits typically include items like nail clippers, scissors, a brush, a comb, a nasal aspirator, and a thermometer, all conveniently packaged in a compact case. Keeping baby's nails trimmed prevents scratching, while regular brushing promotes healthy hair growth and scalp circulation. 

Having these grooming essentials on hand makes it easier for parents to care for their baby's hygiene needs and may save them a trip to the store when something unexpected happens.

Gift for Baby 4: Stuffed Animal Set

A stuffed animal set is a heartwarming gift that provides comfort and companionship to the new baby. These soft and cuddly toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and animal designs, making them perfect for snuggling and playing (as they get a little older). 

As the baby grows, they can use their stuffed animals for imaginative play, fostering creativity and social skills. A child’s favorite stuffed animal will be at their side for years (some, a lifetime) and they will always associate the person who gifted it to them with that toy. This is truly a baby shower gift that is for the child above all else. 

Gift 5: Not as Fun, But Always Useful: Diapers

Diapers may not be the most glamorous gift, but they are undoubtedly one of the most practical. Babies go through a lot of diapers each day, especially during the newborn stage, so having a stockpile of diapers on hand is essential for new parents. 

Plus, diapers come in a variety of sizes and designs, from plain white to colorful patterns featuring animals, characters, and more. Giving diapers is a great way to save mom and dad some money and help avoid late-night store runs.

Gifts for Mom and Dad:

The transition to parenthood can be overwhelming and stressful, so offering a gift for both the mother and father at a baby shower is a thoughtful way to show support and recognition for their new life. 

When the child is born the lives of mom and dad will change forever, so we thought it would be a good idea to give some gift ideas that will allow mom and dad to still participate in some of their favorite activities with a little more convenience. 

3 Gift Ideas For Mom

  • A Kindle: If the expecting mother loves reading, a Kindle can be a great option. A Kindle next to the rocker at feeding time will allow the mother to change books or read what sounds interesting at the time without having to get up to get a different book, or turn on a light. This allows the child to continue feeding or resting without being disturbed. 
  • A Convenient Water Bottle: Large water bottles like Stanley cups and Owala bottles are all over right now, but they can come in handy for new mothers. Just like a Kindle, a large water bottle will keep mom from having to get up and constantly fill a new one and will allow convenience and keep them hydrated.
  • A Matching Birthstone Necklace: For a more sentimental or luxurious touch, a matching necklace honoring the baby’s birth stone is a great sentimental gift that will allow the mother to always wear something that reminds her of her child. She can give the matching necklace later when she feels the child is ready to match. 

3 Gift Ideas For Dad

  • Leather Apron: If the father-to-be loves grilling or cooking a customized leather apron can be a great gift at a baby shower. He can wear a leather apron to make him feel more confident and stylish as he transitions into this new life stage as dad.
  • Gaming Headset: If he loves gaming or watching movies, a nice headset could be a great gift. It will allow him to continue playing or watching without creating any noise letting the baby and mother sleep or be in peace. 
  • Matching Sports Jersey: A matching jersey set for the father and child is a cute way to let the whole family enjoy game day together from now on. Not only will it show you’re thinking of the father's interests, but will allow for plenty of cute photo opportunities. 


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