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Using Modern Furniture to Overcome the Challenges of Small Spaces

Puik bar stool

At Uniek Living, we believe modern furniture is meant for every space, even the smallest apartments in the biggest cities. Dutch design is considered to be functional and innovative, which is just what you need when decorating for those smaller, harder to arrange places.

Modern Furniture and Minimalism

Modern furniture makes your space look clean and put together, and paired with the minimalism of Dutch design, you'll never have to worry about your space appearing cluttered.

One of the hardest things about decorating a small space is supplying ample seating. You want to make the room feel open and inviting, but if you stuff a room full of seating, it can feel more like a maze than an appealing space. Stools are a great option for providing plenty of seating, while still keeping the room open and airy. You can slide them under a bar where they stay neatly tucked away until occupied or have them lining a wall with a piece of artwork above to maximize your perimeter space. We recommend these barstools from Puik. Measuring just 11 inches deep, and barely over a foot wide, you can use these in even the slimmest of spaces while still providing ample seats for entertaining.

Many smaller homes don’t have space for a coffee table, but you still need a place to put your drink down or charge your laptop. A sleek and slim side table is the perfect accent when you can’t fit a larger table into your space. The Kilo Stool/Side Table is perfect for those smaller areas, and it can even double as a stool for when your friend forgets to mention they’re bringing a plus one over.

Another challenge of decorating for small spaces is that there is always a lack of storage. You have to decide what should be stored behind closed doors, and what can remain out in the open without diminishing space. In the kitchen, you only need a few essentials. Don’t keep all the mismatched items you’ve been collecting since your college days - instead, invest in a few key pieces that you can use for functional purposes as well as minimalist decorations. The Zuperzozial nesting bowls are a perfect example of utilizing Dutch design for function and decor. These bowls can be used as a large salad bowl for entertaining, a fruit bowl for your counter, or an ice cream bowl for that necessary late-night snack. Because they nest inside each other, they maximize space and are elegant enough to be left out in the open.

While you want your space to feel as open as possible, you still want to make it feel warm and welcoming. Plants are always a good way to make any room feel inviting. We love these hanging herb pots by Zuperzozial. Not only do they make a room cheerful, but they also provide decoration without taking up room on your counters. You can hang them above the Puik bar stools to make the most of your perimeter wall space.

If you’re wondering if these small changes will really make a difference, we recommend you read this article explaining how Google found scientific proof that design is important. And you can visit our website to find even more modern furniture that will make your small space feel roomy.

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