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Is Dutch Design Common?


Modern furniture has taken over with its minimalistic and clean designs, but did you know those characteristics are also the basis for Dutch design? While you’re probably used to seeing modern furniture, you may not realize you are surrounded by Dutch design every day! Here are some common places you might see Dutch design.

Dutch Design Examples

Dutch Design at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

A lot of coffee shops have been moving towards low to the ground tables made entirely out of metal or a mix of metal and wood for a clean and functional style. These tables are the epitome of modern furniture and are a perfect way for coffee shops to create an inviting space to socialize or work.

While you might expect Dutch design inspired furniture in your coffee shop, you may be surprised where else this style is popping up. Pay attention The next time you're in a hip boutique coffee shop pay attention, you may notice all the baristas are wearing gorgeous leather aprons. These fashionable aprons are another great example of the functionality of Dutch design! 

If you are hanging around your coffee shop, you might notice another example of Dutch design: functional yet artistic mugsRather than being completely focused on furniture, Dutch design can be incorporated into many aspects of daily life.

The next time you stop into your favorite coffee shop, take a peek around and you may be surprised at what you see.

Your Office

A lot of businesses have started to incorporate Dutch design into their offices because modern furniture can help create a clean, functional look even in tight spaces. Pay attention to the decor the next time you enter the lobby or waiting area of a modern office building, chances are the comfortable and stylish chairs in the lobby are Dutch design. 

Take a look around at your coworkers’ spaces too. You might be surprised to learn that their new eco-friendly notebook or two-tone bag is actually made by a Dutch designer.

A Night on the Town

You meet up with a friend, and you notice she is wearing a beautiful new layered necklace. This could very well be a piece of Dutch design. While many people associate Dutch design with modern furniture, it can also be incorporated into clothing and jewelry. If it’s a little chilly out grab your 100%, cashmere scarf - that can also be Dutch design!

Once you get to the bar, it’s likely you’ll start to notice Dutch design elements like the leather bar stools you're sitting on or the decanter your wine is served in. 

Although you’re likely good at spotting modern furniture, we challenge you to start paying attention to other places in your life where Dutch design may appear. Need some clues or inspiration? You can find beautiful examples of Dutch jewelry, scarves, bags, and kitchenware in our store.

Are you interested in learning more about Dutch design? You can learn all the fundamentals in our Dutch Design 101 Blog.

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