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Our Favorite Dutch Design Pieces for Your Living Room

The living room is the center of your home. It’s where you unwind after a long day, celebrate special occasions, and share time with loved ones. Sometimes, this means your living room can feel a little too lived in. With a couple of, Dutch design pieces you can transform your living room into something clean and modern. Here are some of our favorite pieces for your living room.



Puik Shunan Table modern table design


The PUIK SHUNAN TABLE is perfect for a small but beautiful coffee table or as a side table. The wooden top with sleek metal legs is the perfect combination of modern furniture with a classic look. The best part? The PUIK SHUNAN TABLE comes in two sizes so you can create a great stacking effect if you need a little more table space than one table offers.


This clock will become the centerpiece of your living room. It combines the clean lines of Dutch design with a rustic wood look and would be perfect to hang over a fireplace mantel. Not only will this clock be a beautiful addition to your living room, but it can also be an interesting conversation starter. Each of the twelve segments of the clock play with light and shadows, offering a different perspective for each hour of the day.


Nothing brightens up a room like a yellow accent chair. This sleek and comfortable wool lounge chair will bring a touch of color to your living room, even on the rainiest of days. While some people may think that modern furniture is cold and unforgiving, this cheery chair will show it can in fact be warm and inviting. 


Modern artwork

All well-designed living rooms need a touch of artwork to give the room some character. But while artwork can make a room feel inviting, too much can make the room feel cluttered. Luckily, artwork created in the style of Dutch design is minimalistic while still being innovative, meaning you can show off your personality while keeping your living room feeling open and airy.

We recommend combining some of our featured tile artwork to create a series that speaks to you. The STORYTILES ART TILE - UNDER THE UMBRELLA is playful while still being austere. Or, if travel is your passion, you might want to feature the STORYTILES ART TILE - WORLD TRAVELER. You can also honor a loved one by featuring the ART TILE - TAKING A STROLL piece. Once you’ve picked out the perfect pieces to adorn your living room, don’t forget to pick out the perfect frame.

These are just a few of our favorite modern furniture pieces for your living room, but you can explore all our store has to offer here. You can also find some great tips about designing with Dutch design here.

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