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Our Dutch Roots

The Rowaan sisters


As a Dutch furniture company based in the United States, we often get asked how Uniek Living started. Uniek Living’s founders, Micki and Elsbeth Rowaan are sisters. Although they’ve lived in the United States for over 30 years, the Rowaan sisters have Dutch roots and frequently return to the Netherlands to visit family and friends who still live there. After decorating their house with Dutch furniture and other items they brought back from their trips, their American friends became interested in the styles of Dutch design.

A Brief Background of Dutch Design

Dutch design first became popular in 1918 and continued to rise in popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Over time, Dutch design went from just furniture design to encompassing Dutch fashion and architecture as well. The fundamentals of Dutch design focus on minimalism, functionalism, and simplistic yet innovative designs. Designers are integral to the entire product development process and are highly involved throughout the production process. Common designer names to hear when talking about Dutch design and Dutch furniture are Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey, Hella Jongerius, Richard Hutten, Wieki Somers, and Marcel Wanders. There are also internationally recognized design firms such as Droog and MOOOI.

Are you interested in learning more about the basics of Dutch design? You can check out a full history here.

Uniek Living

Uniek Living’s goal is to offer original and functional Dutch furniture from designers who share our passion for creating exceptional design. At Uniek Living, we work with both new and established designers. Many of the designers and vendors we partner with are eco-friendly and pride themselves on the use of materials that are fair-trade certified, sustainable, and/or made from recycled items.

All the items at Uniek Living are handpicked, and our ever-rotating inventory ensures that every piece you purchase from Uniek Living is truly unique.

The Dutch Brands We Carry

Uniek Living currently carries over 30 different Dutch brands. Some of our favorites include:

ZUPERZOZIAL produces items that have a positive impact on the world. Their entire collection is made of environmentally conscious materials making all of their products stylish, functional, and sustainable.

MARGO WEIJER offers beautiful collages that add modern flairs to classic Dutch imagery. Their art is perfect to brighten up any space.

URBAN NATURE CULTURE is a home decor collection from Dutch entrepreneur Anne Marie Hermans. The inspiration for this collection comes from all over the world thanks to Hermans travels, but at its root are the Dutch design concepts we know and love.

DE INTUITIEFABRIEK creates products that are extremely functional, while also being beautiful works of art. All of their products are handcrafted in Amsterdam. The craftsmanship and beauty of their designs is unrivaled.

We are incredibly proud of Uniek Living and the designers who make this dream of ours possible. We work tirelessly to make sure every item you purchase feels like it has been selected just for you. As Dutch design continues to grow in popularity, we hope you’ll stay up to date with our latest product selection. If you’re interested in learning more about Dutch design, and the amazing community of designers we recommend reading Dutch Design Week’s magazine.

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