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How to Decorate Your Modern Home

Have you ever wondered how to make your house be the modern home of your dreams? Do you see modern furniture that you love but aren’t sure how to make it work in your home? We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to incorporate modern furniture into your design aesthetic to create a modern home where you’ll want to spend your time.

 modern home with green lawn

What does ‘Modern’ Mean?

Before we get started on creating the modern home of your dreams, it’s helpful to have an understanding of what designers mean when they use the term ‘modern.’ When talking about modern furniture, designers are not actually referring to the current time period. Modern furniture refers to a design aesthetic that became popular during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. When you think of modern furniture, you should envision earth tones and warm designs. Common materials used in the design of modern furniture are wood, leather, stone, and velvet. When describing a modern home, you may also notice that many of the design pieces are minimalistic with clean lines and natural materials. These are all common traits shared among modern furniture pieces.


If you’ve been talking about modern decor, but have actually have been referring to a style that utilizes more metal and crisp tones, you may be referring to contemporary furniture. While the two share many of the same characteristics, they actually refer to two different design styles. 


Now that you know all about modern decor, it’s time to start decorating! We’ll go room by room to help you design the perfect modern home.


How to Incorporate Modern Furniture in the Living Room?

Your living room is the epicenter of your home. It’s where movie nights, kid’s slumber parties, and holidays happen. Your living room should feel open and inviting, creating an atmosphere that says, “the more, the merrier.” Modern furniture will help you create this feeling because it will create more space for family and friends, giving you more room to focus on what’s important in life.


Because modern furniture is minimalistic, it allows your living room to feel open. The clean lines and warm, earthy tones create a space to relax and enjoy the company of others. The most important part of decorating a living room is seating. You want to make sure that no matter how many people you have in your home, they have a place to sit, relax, and partake in the conversation. If you’re looking for cozy seating that still exemplifies modern decor, try a modern lounge chair. Using light and neutral colors like grey or ivory makes the chair feel open and welcoming, while also appearing to take up less space. The open, steel legs will add to this airy feel. You can also use more versatile pieces of modern decor that can serve more than one purpose. A side table that can double as a stool ensures that there is always a place to rest your drink or an extra seat should someone need it. The open concept design of the stool once again creates the illusion of additional space, while the metal material creates congruity between various pieces of modern furniture.


Next, you’ll want to create spaces where people can congregate around and enjoy time together. You can do this by using small tables staggered throughout a seating area, as opposed to one large coffee table. By creating more intimate seating areas, you’re inviting your friends and family to enjoy each other’s company on a more personal level. Who knew creating a modern home could be so rewarding!


As for incorporating modern decor into the rest of your living room, you can use warm colors and fun shapes to accent your minimalist modern furniture. You want your living room to feel cozy and still be a place where you can unwind after a long day, so add colorful two-tone cushions to your couch or lounge chair. The contrasting velvet and satin will create a playful vibe, while the warm colors will compliment your modern furniture perfectly. Now that you have cushions, add a couple of neutral color throws to make the room cozy enough for a movie night or for curling up with a good book. Remember, your modern home should not only be inviting for guests, it should also be a comfortable space for everyday living.


How to Incorporate Modern Decor for the Kitchen?

leather apron

The kitchen is the soul of any home. Good memories are centered around good food, and the kitchen is where all those delicious meals are created. By upgrading your home with a few pieces of modern decor, your kitchen will quickly become a place you find yourself spending more time.

If you want to create a modern home, the first thing to do is figure out how to embrace minimalism. This doesn’t mean getting rid of all your belongings (we’re not Marie Kondo!), but it does mean understanding what needs to take up space in your home. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed every time you enter the kitchen, you’re not alone. The pressure of cooking a delicious meal, staying on top of the dishes, and remembering to bake 300 cookies for the upcoming bake sale is a lot to deal with. It can leave you feeling like you’d rather be in any room in your house other than your kitchen. A few pieces of modern decor can help you adjust your space and your mindset, so you feel right at home in the kitchen again.

Let’s start with the most important thing in the kitchen - you! Whether you’re whipping up a gourmet meal or simply making a pot of mac ‘n cheese for your favorite little one, why not feel fabulous while doing it? Use modern design to upgrade your cooking wardrobe with a beautiful leather apron. Once you feel happy about your cooking attire, turn your attention to some gorgeous modern decor that will spruce up your space. Why not keep some of your favorite ingredients always within an arm’s reach? Add a little color and spice to your space with some vibrant, eco-friendly herb pots. Not only will you have fresh cilantro, basil, or mint on hand, you’ll also create fun and unique wall art that will make your kitchen feel instantly more welcoming.

Looking for another fun piece of modern decor that will upgrade your kitchen? Forget a boring fruit bowl, decorate your counter with this unique and functional metal flat bowl. You can store fruits, vegetables, or any other miscellaneous items that find their way onto your kitchen counter. With clean lives and sweeping curves, it's a gorgeous piece of modern decor that will give your kitchen a touch of flair.

You can also make your kitchen feel cozy and reminiscent of warm conversations with a well-placed teapot. If you fondly remember walking into your grandmother’s house to a warm teapot always sitting on the stove, recreate those feelings with a modern twist. A beautiful, solid teapot sitting on your stovetop will make your kitchen a wonderful place to unwind.

With just a few small tweaks, you will have a modern kitchen worthy of a magazine.


How to Make Your Bathroom Modern?

bathroom with sink and leather toilet paper holder

We know this one might sound odd, but your bathroom is one of the few rooms in your home almost every guest is bound to visit. Why not make it attractive with a few key pieces of modern decor?

Like your kitchen, your bathroom just needs a few small touches to make it feel like a coordinated part of your modern home. It’s best to start with the basics in the bathroom. The first thing you need, no matter what? Toilet paper. Why not make your toilet paper holder something unique that adds a touch of decor to your home? Instead of using a boring chrome bar, use a gorgeous leather strap holder that will make your guests admire your eye for design right from the start. Keep the modern aesthetic going with the addition of a leather and nickel towel ring for your hand towels. This coordination of materials will make your modern decor pop in a room that often sees little attention to detail.

Want to make your bathroom truly unique? Consider what some thoughtful added modern decorations might be. If you’re decorating your guest bath or master suite, there are so many fun things you can do to make the bathroom its own unique room. Add a few modern candles to create a relaxing atmosphere, perfect to light as you slip into a nice warm bath. Want to rock out to your favorite music as you get ready in the shower? A metal Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality adds decor and function to your modern bathroom.

The next step in decorating your bathroom to help you create the modern home of your dreams is finding a piece of modern decor that keeps your toiletries organized, holds travel-sized shampoo for guests, and organizes any other miscellaneous items on your counters. If you only have a small amount of counter space, use a small but intricately shaped bowl to organize your toiletries. Have more space? Use a beautifully designed metallic tray to hold your toiletries, tissues, a large candle, and hand soap.

With these small design changes, your guests will even start to admire your bathroom.


How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom with Modern Decor?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is a place in your home that is distinctively yours. It should be somewhere you feel comfortable relaxing and taking the time to release any anxieties that have built up over the course of the day. As part of your modern home, your bedroom should be as open and airy as possible, while still embracing the warm, earthy tones of modern decor.

The centerpiece of every bedroom is, of course, your bed! Start by making that the most comfortable and well-decorated piece in your bedroom. Add texture and warmth by using colorful cushions in various shapes to add depth to your bed and gorgeous modern decor to create a comfortable place to lay your head at night. If you want an even cozier atmosphere, add a warm and neutral-colored throw to your bed for those nights when there’s a little extra chill in the air.

Once your bed is a place of comfort and design, you can begin to look around the room and see other areas where modern decor can help create calming vibes. Add pieces of modern artwork that will inspire your dreams at night. Whether you want to dream about traveling the world or want to have whimsical dreams, place cheerful modern artwork around your room to encourage positive dreams and a good night’s sleep.

Looking to bring some of the outdoors into your bedroom? Use a modern ceramic vase that adds texture and height to any surface. Fill the vase with flowers, rosemary twigs, feathers, or a combination of all three to create a fun and funky modern decor that breathes life into your bedroom.

By simply adding texture, earth tones, and modern artwork to your bedroom, you will be one step closer to creating the modern home of your dreams.


How to Tie Your Modern Home Together?

girl with the pearl earring with blue splashes of color

Now that you’ve started to weave modern decor throughout your home, it’s time to tie it all together. Look at the hallways or transitions between rooms. Can you add a gorgeous modern clock to empty wall space? Is there space in guest bedrooms in your home to add clean and modern artwork with a splash of color? Walk through your home with your new eye for design and look for places where you can incorporate small pieces of modern decor.

Once your friends and family see your newly decorated home, they’ll start begging you to help them decorate their houses. Want to help them get started? You can shop for modern gifts for all of your family and friends. 

If you need further inspiration for decorating your modern home, visit our store today and start envisioning what your space could look like.

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