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Decorating Your Modern Dining Room

Around the dinner table is where the best memories are made. It’s where family stories are passed down, birthday presents are opened, and life’s big conversations happen. Your dining room is at the center of your home and your story, so it’s only natural to want your modern dining room to feel warm and welcoming.

While your dining room table will always be the center of any modern dining room, there are other areas of the room that with a little attention and some well-placed decor will make your modern dining room feel like a place you want to make memories in.

 wooden table outside set for dinner party

Modern Dining Room Seating

The first and most important part of your dining room decor beside the table is the seating. You can’t make memories to last a lifetime if there’s no room around the table for your friends and family to sit. Changing up the seating in your dining room can create an entirely new design aesthetic that feels inviting.

  • For the casual, sleek, and very modern dining room: Puik Stool

When it comes to seating, you always want to make sure there’s enough room at the table. While grandiose chairs might make your dining room feel straight out of the set of a 1940s Hollywood film, they do little for creating space for people to join you. The Puik Stool is a modern and appealing seating option to create more room around the table, and to give your dining room a more modern feel.

two dining chairs with black upholtery and black metal legs

While having the same chair around your table might seem like the easiest and most coordinated option, there are unique ways to incorporate fun into your seating arrangement. The Puik Option Chair allows you to mix and match four different design options to create a unique seating arrangement that still feels put together.

If you want to create a more casual dining experience, use a high-top table and the Puik Bar Stools. These beautiful bar stools come in leather or felt options and a variety of colors. To create an enjoyable and unique dining experience, arrange multiple smaller high-top tables in the room, perfect for entertaining and dinner parties turned into late-night conversations.


Modern Dining Room Centerpieces

You already know that your table is the cornerstone of your dining room, but what you place on it is just as important for creating the aesthetic you want. Centerpieces are an easy way to change up the decor in your dining room. By simply swapping out this one piece, you can give the entire room a design facelift. Here are some of our favorite, unique centerpieces.

multiple candlesticks in varying heights

These gorgeous candlesticks are handmade from recycled iron. Each candlestick features its own unique curves and styling. Mix and match these candlesticks using different heights and colors for an added touch of whimsy. These candlesticks make you feel like you’re eating dinner in the middle of a wooded glen and a fantastical character could join your dinner party at any moment.

If you want to add an elegant touch of color to your dining room, you won’t find anything as gorgeous as this mint green serving tray from New Duivendrecht. It’s folded from a single sheet of aluminum, creating a detailed and lightweight serving tray. Pair with candles, a vase and flowers, or an eye-catching carafe to personalize it to your taste.

If you want a centerpiece that brings a bright and free touch to the room, the Onshus Ceramic Vase in white is perfect for you. Fill with fresh flowers, decorative branches, or greenery to transform your dining room table. Pair with the New Duivendrecht Serving Tray for an even brighter look.


Modern Dining Room Tableware

While you probably don’t have your table set 24/7, the settings that you do put out have as much of an influence on your dining room decor as other, more permanent pieces. Here are some gorgeous tableware pieces for your dining room.

Every good dinner starts with a warm basket of rolls being passed around the table. It can spark a conversation between guests who don’t know each other or be the warm and delicious scent that brings everyone to the dinner table. The Zuperzozial Bread Basket comes in muted colors and a modern design, perfect for a subtle touch of flair on your dinner table.

If you want to serve up a special meal and make a beautiful display at the same time, Brood and Plank’s Tapas Board is the perfect eye-catching piece. Made of gorgeous French Oak and hand-shaped, every piece will be absolutely unique to your dinner table.

kids dinner set with panda and flamingo

Throwing a kid’s birthday party or just want to make dinner time fun? The Zuperzozial Kids Dinner Set feature colorful animals across each set. Not only will they make your dining room kid-friendly, but your kids will love seeing which animal friends will appear on their plate, cup, or bowl at dinnertime.  

If you want to make coffee or tea the most elegant of affairs, you need DE INTUITIEFABRIEK’s Gradient Mugs. They will quickly become the focal point of any room with their deep blues and unique raw finish design. You can truly make them pop by pairing them with all-white tableware.

Make your dining room the sweetest spot in town with this bright and cheery set of bowls and sundae spoons. Made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable materials, these products by Zuperzozial are ideal for making the perfect ice cream sundae. The colorful bowls and their design are reminiscent of a Soda Shoppe, and the long-stemmed sundae spoons are perfect for getting every last drop of ice cream.

Decorating your modern dining room can be as simple as changing your tableware or centerpiece. With a few pieces of modern design, your dining room will be the place everyone lingers long after the meal has ended. Shop all modern home decor in our store today.

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