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Decorate Your Walls with Dutch Design

Creating a beautiful and well-decorated modern home takes time and energy. It can feel overwhelming when you’re staring at a blank wall, trying and decide what to hang on it. If you feel like it’s impossible to start decorating, we recommend beginning with the gorgeous artwork by Margo Weijer.

Who is Margo Weijer?

Margo Weijer studied at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague and graduated with a degree in textiles and design. She creates collages that are minimalistic and whimsical, mixing the past with the present. The prints are digitally processed and then printed on wood. She uses old or well-known footage, and combines them with original photos and artwork, to create appealing and eye-catching designs.

Modern Collages on Wood


The Girl with the Pearl Earring is a famous Dutch painting by artist Johannes Vermeer. In 2006, it was voted the most beautiful painting in the Netherlands by the Dutch public. It’s also been the basis of numerous literary endeavors. Margo Weijer’s collage features bright turquoise accents to a classic painting — perfect for making a fun and whimsical statement.


Tulips were originally imported to the Netherlands in the 16th century, and in fact, created the first-ever economic bubble. This collage features three tulips of different heights lined up in a row. Each features its own unique and bright bloom. It was created by using an old photograph, then adding a personal touch. It’s a beautiful way to bring the outdoors into any room in your home.


This gorgeous collage features the towers of the Oostpoort in Delft. It is the eastern gate of the city and was built in the 1400s. It is the only original city gate remaining in Delft. Margo Weijer has taken a photo of the iconic gate and added a touch of whimsy to create a wonderful and modern piece of art.


Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals, but it’s not only the waterways that make it so famous, it’s also the rows of canal houses. These canal houses were built during the 1600s. Amsterdam was running out of room for all of its residents, and thus the tall and skinny canal houses were built. Margo Weijer took these canal houses and created a whimsical and beautiful collage that will fit perfectly with your modern decor. 

Although choosing artwork for any room in your home can be stressful and overwhelming, you can’t go wrong choosing Margo Weijer’s collages. They will add a touch of Dutch design, playfulness, and elegance to any room. All of your friends and neighbors will love your modern home décor and will ask you for tips for decorating their own homes. If they do, you can find them the perfect modern gift to give them decor inspiration.

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