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Aprons for the Modern Man

The word apron comes from the French word, napron, meaning a protective cloth to keep your clothes clean and free from stains. Today, aprons are part of the uniform in a few different professions, with chefs, carpenters, welders, chemists, gardeners, and even x-ray technicians wearing them daily while on the job.


Why Do I Need a Modern Apron?

Whether you work in any of those fields or not, modern aprons have become more popular as men’s gifts in recent years, driving demand and ultimately providing better, more modern options in the marketplace. From plain aprons to those made of durable materials — like denim or leather — aprons have transformed into must-have accessories. But, how do you choose the apron that’s right for you?


Cracking the Code: Apron Lingo

Before you set off in search of the perfect modern apron, either for yourself or the man in your life, make sure you're up to date on apron lingo. We've compiled a couple of the most common types of aprons below to make your search even easier.


Bib Apron

First up, the bib apron. Did you know that a bib apron is the most common kind of apron available on the market today? Just as it sounds, the bib apron has a strap that goes around your neck, like a bib, and generally ties around the waist. You may also hear others refer to this kind of apron as a chef's apron, as chefs most commonly wear it at restaurants. However, the bib apron is not only for cooks! It's also widely used by welders to help protect their clothes from being damaged by sparks, and it doubles as a tool belt, keeping all of their tools within arm's reach.


Waist Apron

Similar to a tool belt of sorts, a waist apron is most often seen on restaurant servers as it holds a lot of stuff with numerous pockets. Carpenters also use this apron, so they can have all the tools they need close at hand. While it still has the look and feel of a bib apron, this version is less bulky and perfect for those professionals who are moving around and need more freedom and less material covering their chest and legs.


Close up on man grilling lots of meat with a flame

Four Tips for Rocking a Modern Apron

While it may seem intimidating at first, rocking a modern apron isn’t that hard and is something any man can learn to do with the help of our tips.


  1. Ditch the “kiss the cook” apron
  2. Choose a durable, modern apron material
  3. Make sure your apron is comfortable
  4. Wear that leather apron with confidence


  1. Ditch the “Kiss the Cook” Apron

If you want a modern apron that makes you look like a qualified chef for backyard cookouts and upscale dinner parties, you’ve got to look the part. That means ditching any apron with sayings on them. Your apron should protect your clothes from dirt and grime, not tell jokes or steal the spotlight from your culinary masterpiece. Instead, stick to sleek, modern aprons like these denim and leather apron options from STALWART and WITLOFT.


  1. Choose a Durable, Modern Apron Material

Choosing an apron that will last through whatever life throws at it is essential for getting your money’s worth.


A leather apron is an excellent option because of the long-lasting durability of leather. Because it comes from a natural material, it holds up to so much without looking dingy or worn. Denim makes an excellent apron material, too, because of its sturdy texture, allowing it to hold up no matter how rough the conditions may be.


  1. Make Sure Your Apron is Comfortable

The last thing you want is an uncomfortable apron. The best aprons come from heavy-duty materials, but that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable! Always choose materials that, while well-worn, are not easily broken down. We suggest something made from denim or leather to ensure your apron lasts for years to come.


  1. Wear That Leather Apron with Confidence

Above all, rock that apron with confidence and pride! Not only are you keeping things like germs, dust, and hair from coming into contact with the food you're cooking, it also keeps you looking clean for your guests once it’s time to eat. Gone are the days when mandatory grilling attire was ratty t-shirts and gym shorts. Thanks to the modern apron, you can cook and grill in style without worrying about messing up your clothes.


A Modern Man’s Leather Apron

Looking for some unique men’s gifts for the guy that has everything? We cannot suggest a leather apron more! From cooks to artisans, a sleek modern apron is a perfect gift for any guy on your list. Not only will he thank you, but his guests will too! We've selected a few of our favorite leather aprons to feature below as the perfect men’s gifts for any occasion—birthday, Christmas, housewarming party, or wedding anniversary—there's an apron for everyone!


Man grilling chicken on a balcony wearing a leather apron

STALWARTS Duluxe Leather Apron with Back-Strap

This beautiful leather apron is ultra-soft full-grain leather, making it as soft (or softer!) than your favorite cozy sweater. Plus, the back-strap makes this modern apron a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods, especially when you’re on your feet all day long.


STALWARTS Short Waist Apron

This half-length apron gives you the sleek look of a leather apron, without the bulk. Perfect for craftsmen and restaurant servers, this short leather apron is fully adjustable and features a side and back pocket, perfect for storing tools or a pen and notebook.

 Leather full body apron with leather strap for towel

WITLOFT Leather Apron

Featuring a canvas neck cover for maximum comfort, this leather apron from WITLOFT is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for anyone who wears it. Complete with a waist loop for a towel or an add-on leather pouch, this beautiful cognac brown bib apron is a classic accessory for any man!


Unique Men’s Gifts Curated for the Modern Man

Searching for the perfect men’s gifts can be daunting, especially for the guy that has everything. Whether his home has a more modern or contemporary feel, we’re confident that a modern apron will check all the boxes for the man who loves to entertain! Visit our website today to find other perfect men’s gifts and more!

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