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Seven Ways to Bring Dutch Design Home with You

What do the words minimalist, modern, contemporary, and unique have in common? All four work together to form the heart of Dutch design. Incorporating different pieces to coordinate and form a cohesive, welcoming environment in your home or office can often feel like a daunting or even impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. By pinpointing some of your favorite modern or contemporary Dutch pieces, you too can produce a cohesive look, finding Dutch home items that complement your home’s décor as well as your own unique personality style. But first, what is Dutch design?


What is Dutch Design?

Canal in Amsterdam with buildings on the side

The term Dutch design gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s when a group of Dutch graphic designers from the Netherlands became increasingly popular. You may be familiar with some of these designers like Maarten Baas, Marcel Wanders, and Jurgen Bey.

Dutch design is typically characterized as minimalist, experimental, and quirky, with Dutch designers taking simple materials and transforming them into something extraordinary.

Did you know that even though Dutch design was popular in the years before 1993, that was the first time the term was coined? During an international furniture fair, journalists began raving about the wonderful new Dutch designs from design companies like Droog and the rest was history!


Where Did Dutch Design Originate?

When you hear the term “Dutch,” do you know what region of the world someone is referring to? It can be a little tricky because of the lack of context clues, but someone who is Dutch hails from the Netherlands, located in Northwestern Europe. Now that we’ve jogged your memory of the world geography you learned in year’s past, you may find that you are familiar with some of the Netherlands' major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

Known for its canals, windmills, and tulip fields, the Netherlands, or the Kingdom of the Netherlands as it’s formally called, actually encompasses four constituent countries. Did you know that Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten are also part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands? The European portion of the Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland and borders Belgium and Germany and boasts Europe’s largest port, the Port of Rotterdam.

Now that you know more about where Dutch designs come from, how do you go about incorporating it into your life and home?


Incorporating Dutch Design into Your Home

Because Dutch design has a strong focus on minimalism and innovative, simple designs, you’ll want to search for modern or contemporary pieces to match the Dutch aesthetic.

As a refresher, modern designs are earthy and warm, and you’ll find most pieces are made from wood, leather, stone, and velvet. Contemporary pieces, on the other hand, have a more futuristic feel and are made of glass, steel, chrome, and nickel.

But good news—both modern and contemporary pieces focus on a minimalist design, so either would fit seamlessly into a Dutch design aesthetic. To make your Dutch design hunt easier, we’ve highlighted the seven essential Dutch home items below that you need to complete your modern or contemporary home or office.


Seven Essential Dutch Home Items for Your Home


  1. Dutch-inspired artwork
  2. Minimalist mugs and cups
  3. Modern furniture pieces
  4. Minimalist accent pieces
  5. Modern glassware
  6. Serving dishes
  7. Dutch home items


1. Dutch-inspired Artwork

During the 17th century, Dutch Golden Age paintings were some of the most popular and revered pieces of art. From Van Gogh to Vermeer and Rembrandt, Dutch artists were known for taking the beautiful Dutch landscapes and transforming them into even more amazing works of art for the whole world to enjoy. Transforming your home with Dutch-inspired artwork is an easy, yet dynamic way to embrace Dutch design.

Collage on Wood — Girl with The Pearl Earring

Reminiscent of Vermeer’s famous Girl with a Pearl Earring, this beautiful collage by Margo Weijer is printed on wood and can give any home or apartment a unique Dutch vibe!


Dutch tulip collage

Collage on Wood — Dutch Tulip

Bring the iconic Dutch tulips home with you, thanks to this breathtaking piece, also from artist Margo Weijer. Weijer’s unique and whimsical collages mix old and new photographs to create completely unique pieces that are sure to invite plenty of compliments, whether in your modern home or office!

2. Minimalist Mugs and Cups

Creating a warm and inviting home starts with how you make your guests feel when they walk in the door. Incorporating minimalist mugs and cups for your guests to sip their coffee and tea from can go a long way in making them feel welcome.


 blue mugs stacked together

PUIK Monday Mug

This set of elegant mugs by PUIK comes in three dynamic color pigments that are mixed with porcelain, creating a unique and soft-to-the-touch mug, perfect for coffee, tea, or any other beverage you and your guests are craving!


ONSHUS White Glazed Ceramic Espresso & Coffee Cups

Available in two sizes, espresso and latte, these cups by ONSHUS may not look unique, but once you look a little closer, you’ll notice a unique design element that adds to the quirky and innovativeness of Dutch design. Each cup features 19 Braille dots along the side, spelling out ONSHUS. Whether you choose to tell your guests what these dots spell or not, we can guarantee they’ll be talking about these cups throughout their entire visit.

3. Modern Furniture Pieces

Outfitting your home with the perfect Dutch home items can be accomplished with the introduction of modern side tables, stools, and chairs that reflect the minimalist look that’s synonymous with Dutch design.


PUIK Shunan Table

Combining simplicity with a contemporary flair, the Shunan table from PUIK is the perfect addition to any contemporary home’s décor. The design possibilities are endless with this table, as it can be used as a side table or coffee table, depending on the available space in your home or apartment. Plus, this piece is available in two heights to better fit in with your specific design needs!


 modern white armchair

PUIK Chair – Dost

Looking for a cozy, inviting space to encourage your guests to put their feet up and relax? The Dost chair from PUIK is a beautiful wool lounge chair that is capable of making any space warm, inviting, and comfortable. Whether you’re curling up with a good book by the fire or simply need an accent piece to complete your modern living room, this chair is the perfect addition.


4. Minimalist Accent Pieces

Adding beautiful splashes of color to your home or office with unique fabrics and cushions is a relatively inexpensive way to add more excitement and personality to your décor. From beautiful tea towels to soft, handcrafted throw blankets and bold, bright cushions, the possibilities are endless with Dutch home items!


 cozy knitted throw in neutral colors

ONSHUS Knitted Throw - Plaid 1/3

This modern, cozy throw blanket from ONSHUS is just begging to be used when you cuddle up on the couch with a good book or movie. Hand-knitted in a few different, but equally stunning color combinations, this two-tone throw is one of the most beautiful Dutch home items we can think of!



Adding a pop of color to your kitchen has never been easier! URBAN NATURE brings you these 100% organic cotton tea towels that are not only beautiful, but also ethically-sourced and environmentally friendly. Make the switch from paper towels to these bright and cheery tea towels, and gift them to everyone you know while you’re at it!



Bring experiences from around the world home with you with this unique Sado cushion from URBAN NATURE CULTURE. Combining modern designs and a timeless wax-resistant dying method originating in the East Indies and West Africa, this is the ultimate statement piece for your couch or accent chair. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece for your home or the perfect cozy addition for your friend’s home, this irregular circular pattern is unlike anything else you’ll see on the market today!


5. Modern Glassware

An essential element for anyone who enjoys hosting dinner parties or happy hours is beautiful, yet practical glassware. From crystal decanters to hand-blown drinking glasses that are perfect for water or wine and anything in between, having glassware on hand that suits formal and informal occasions is a definite must in a modern household.


ONSHUS Hand-Blown Drinking Glasses – Linje

A timeless addition to any kitchen or bar cart, these hand-blown ONSHUS glasses feature an extraordinary shape that guests are sure to stare at in wonder! Pair these with the matching glass decanter to complete the look. Not only will these glasses fit in seamlessly to any occasion, but they also come in two sizes to perfectly suit your needs.


 geometric glass drinking glasses and decanter with sunlight shining through them

PUIK Decanter – Rare

Serve up your favorite mixed drinks with this unique PUIK Rare crystal decanter. Happy hour will never be the same once you introduce this mouth-blown pitcher that stands tall and sits on its side, all without spilling. The only downside? Your friends and family may not be able to stop talking about this unique centerpiece long enough to finish their drinks! Don’t forget the complimentary glasses, too!


6. Serving Dishes

Serve up timeless, modern Dutch design at your next family gathering or dinner party with carefully curated serving pieces. From bowls to serving trays, there are plenty of unique Dutch home items for you to choose from, sure to transform your gathering from boring to unique in no time.


ONSHUS Wooden Platter – Tra

Whether you need to use it as a platter or serving tray, the ONSHUS wooden platter is a beautiful, large modern piece that can fill in however you like. Or, simply use it as a statement piece filled with décor during your next dinner party! As an added bonus, this tray comes from the eco-friendly rubberwood tree, allowing you to feel good about incorporating it into your home.


 tapas cutting board made of wood

BROOD + PLANK Cutting Board – Tapas

What’s better than a piece of kitchenware that has more than one use? That’s where this beautiful, rustic cutting board comes in. Not only can you use this as you’re preparing for a dinner party, this board from BROOD + PLANK also makes a beautiful foundation for a charcuterie or grazing board. Using traditional Dutch methods, the team at BROOD + PLANK pride themselves on the craftsmanship and quality of their unique wooden pieces.

7. Dutch Home Items

How can you extend the look and feel of Dutch design to all areas of your home, not just your kitchen or dining room? Simple! Incorporate a few key Dutch home items to any cozy, inviting atmosphere throughout your home with the help of scented candles, shelving units, and metal baskets. Not only do they look nice, but they also serve important purposes, too.


ONSHUS Scented Candles – Lett

Available in multiple sizes, colors, and scents, these unique scented candles from ONSHUS will make your guests feel right at home or better yet, like they just stepped into a relaxing spa. Mix and match the sizes and colors to create a unique focal point on your coffee tables or side tables. Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? These candles are not only beautiful, but they are so unique that your friend is not likely to receive similar ones from anyone else!


K'WILLEM IN HUIS Large Metal Basket

This recycled round iron basket is a versatile piece for any home. Whether you need it to hold all of your blankets or towels, it can do it all and look good doing it! Add a touch of excitement by transforming this piece into a large vase and fill with your favorite artificial arrangements to add a splash of color to your home or office. Made to fit into any décor, this basket would make a great housewarming or wedding gift because once your guests see it, they’ll be dying for one of their own!


Bringing Dutch Design Home

Here at Uniek Living, we strive to provide you with one-of-a-kind Dutch home items that not only catch your eye with their pleasing aesthetics, but are also functional pieces of your home for years to come. We pride ourselves on offering pieces that are unlike anything else you’ve seen before. These unique Dutch home items are sure to spark joy in your home or office, so take a look at our website today to see what else we have to offer!

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