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Cheers to Modern Barware

You’ve managed to decorate the kitchen, living room, and bedroom of your new place, and you're ready to start hosting! Before you go sending out invitations to your first major gathering, be sure you've got the right tools to entertain. No, we're not talking about board games or a playlist (although those things are undoubtedly important!); we're talking about modern barware!

Whether it’s a wet bar, a corner bar cart, or simply your kitchen counter, it’s imperative to have your entertainment area fully stocked. This certainly means with the basics, such as vodka, whiskey, beer, and wine, but it also means with the correct glasses, shakers, and more!

While this sounds intimidating for the novice bartender, it doesn’t have to be! Designers like Puik and Onshus offer gorgeous modern barware products at very reasonable prices. Before jumping into what items you should look into, let’s discuss why there are even different types of barware.

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All about Drinking Glasses

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of glasses at a bar as well as various products for preparing drinks? Wonder no more! Each specific type of modern barware (or outdated barware, of course) is actually meant to influence the way a drink tastes. 

  • Rocks glass

A rocks glass, which is also called a tumbler or lowball, tends to be the go-to glass for anything whiskey-based. These glasses come in many different designs! The important thing to know about how they are made is that the journey of a single sip is the guiding factor. Rocks glasses are designed to draw warmth from your hand into the glass itself, allowing the liquor to evolve. The wide-open rim enables fumes to collect right above the drink, making a sip appear to be far boozier than it might really be. Both Puik and Onshus have stunning glasses that can be used as rocks glasses, which we will show you later in this blog!

  • Cocktail glass

A cocktail glass is perhaps the most classic modern barware piece of them all. Cocktail glasses have cone-shaped tops, opening up the aromatic qualities of each cocktail, whether it is a martini, Manhattan, etc. The long stem on a cocktail glass is its most important feature, as it was put there with the intention of the drinker holding a spot that would allow the cocktail itself to stay cold.

  • Highball glass

A highball glass is a narrow, circular glass with tall, straight walls. These are what you’ll typically find your vodka sodas, whiskey gingers, and any other majority mixer cocktail served in. The tall, straight sides of a highball glass trick the brain into experiencing high levels of sourness, even in drinks that are not sour at all. The taste is unmatched!

  • Beer glass

There are just about a million and one different types of beer glasses, and the one you're given all comes down to the type of beer you're drinking. Steins, or beer mugs, are sturdy and handled, meant to hold high volumes of beer and keep it cold for a long time. Pilsner glasses were designed to highlight the hues of the beer and allow drinkers to examine the concentration of carbonation. Pint glasses, meanwhile, are for the basic beer and are quite versatile.

  • Wine glass

There are three basic types of wine glasses: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and sparkling wine glasses. Red wine glasses have a shorter stem and wider bowl that create a more flavorful sip. White wine glasses have a longer stem and more narrow bowl, keeping the wine more chilled. Sparkling wine glasses are tall and narrow in order to give bartenders and drinkers a better look at the carbonation.

  • Carafes and decanters

Carafes and decanters are vessels used to serve wine. The point of the shape of a carafe is to aerate the wine, enabling oxygen to infuse. This allows the wine to open up, meaning more complex aromas and flavors are made available to the drinker.


Why Modern Matters

Modern barware versus barware that is old or outdated is more important than you think! Sure, modern design is trendy nowadays due to its focus on minimalism and simplicity. Going modern with brands such as Puik and Onshus is a great way to stick with the times! However, another important reason to choose more modern barware is that scientists, mixologists, and the like are always discovering new things about drinks and how they are served. A modern decanter, for instance, might have been designed in a way that allows different parts of a bottle of wine to aerate better than they would’ve in an outdated one.


Our Modern Barware Recommendations

So, with all of this newfound knowledge on barware, let’s shop! A few of our favorite products to get your bar kickstarted are the:

These drinking glasses are simply beautiful due to so many different reasons. First of all, the mouth-blown crystal glass is exquisite and will leave all guests jealous. Second, Puik experimented with geometric shapes and created a diamond shape, allowing reflections of liquid, light, and glass to hit at different angles. We recommend using these as your new rocks glasses or a wine glass alternative.

What are the drinking glasses without a decanter? This item is made with the same mouth-blown crystal glass as the glasses mentioned above and catches the eye without any effort. The pitcher can stand tall or sit on its side without spilling a drop, making it the center of attention at a classy but trendy dinner party!

Care for something a little less geometric but still unique? Check out these glasses from Onshus. Also made from hand-blown glass, these glasses present a “stacked” appearance, crossing the line into a more modern look than a plain rocks glass. Not having drinks tonight? Use these for a glass of water with dinner due to their versatility!

A perfect match to your drinking glasses is, of course, the glass carafe that is in the Onshus series as well. The long, tall, and clean look helps accomplish the simple modern design theme you might be going for, and the different color offerings add a splash of uniqueness to your bar!

With a little background education on different types of barware and a few product recommendations to get you started, you’re just about ready to open for business (or pleasure)! All that is left is to choose your signature drink and select your modern barware to serve it in at Uniek Living.

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