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Unique Gifts for the Man Who Loves to Cook

There are few things better in life than a delicious home-cooked meal and nothing makes that meal better than when it’s cooked for you. If you have a man in your life who is not only a wonderful partner, but also an amazing chef, make sure to show your appreciation every once in a while!

We hear all the time how difficult it can be to find unique gifts for men. Everything is generic or focused around sports teams or golf, but the man that loves to cook deserves a truly unique gift that highlights his passion.

Here are some of our favorite unique gifts for men who love to cook.

Gifts For the Grill Master

A juicy steak, a hot dog at family cookouts, or a flavorful kabob - the grill master knows how to cook them all! If the man in your life loves manning the grill, these are the perfect unique gifts for him.

 man grilling on a patio wearing a leather apron


Protect the grill master from the heat, flames, and smoke with this gorgeous leather apron. Available in a beautiful brown with adjustable neck and back straps, this makes the perfect unique gift for the man who will spend the entire day at the grill with a cold drink in hand. Want extra points for the best unique gift? Pair with a checkered BBQ towel for him to hang on the apron’s leather towel holder.



Every good grill master needs a cutting board to prep meat, slice vegetables for kabobs, and season grilled corn on the cob. This oak cutting board comes with unique rounded edges that make this piece truly one-of-a-kind. Pair with a bright and colorful mixing bowl that can be used for marinating to create a truly unique gift combination.

 colorful strainers stacked on top of each other


Whether they’re rinsing corn on the cob, or washing a mixture of vegetables for kabobs or grilled foil packs, your favorite guy will love having a fun and colorful colander handy. Pair it with a new pair of tongs or corn on the cob holders for a fun and cheerful holiday gift.


Modern Gifts For the Baker

If you want to find unique gifts for men that love to bake, you have to think like a baker! Baking is all about scrumptious foods that warm the soul. These unique gifts will inspire your favorite baker to try new and delicious recipes.



Everyone says cooking is an art and baking is a science, and there’s some truth to that! In baking, if you get the measurements wrong, your bread might not rise, or your cookies might become crispy instead of fluffy. If you want a unique gift for the man who loves to bake, these bright and colorful measuring cups are the perfect ‘just because’ gift. Made of sustainable materials, these measuring cups are as good for the environment as they are for your man’s next batch of cookies! Pair them with a matching set of measuring spoons for a truly thoughtful and unique gift.

 bowls in different sizes with hammered effect


Every good baker needs a mixing bowl to create their masterpieces. If you want truly unique gifts for men who bake, this mixing bowl with hammered effects creates the perfect base for a baking-themed gift basket. Fill the bowl with a bag of chocolate chips, vanilla extract, measuring cups, and a fun new recipe to try to inspire your favorite baker. Bonus points if you make it into a baking date night for the two of you!



We know unique gifts for men can be difficult to find, so sometimes you need to get creative and think outside the box. While most people would see this beautiful wooden platter as a tray to serve savory appetizers, for a baker, it’s the perfect tray to create a presentation of cookies, brownies, and various sweets.

 unique bread basket with geometric shapes on the bowl


Does the scent of fresh bread baking waft throughout your home? Instead of letting your favorite baker serve up their fresh bread on a regular dinner plate, give them their own bread basket to let them know how proud you are of their culinary achievements. You can even grab a few bread baskets to let them know there’s always plenty of room for a cinnamon swirl bread for dessert!


Perfect Gifts for The Sous Chef

Not everyone is born with a love for cooking, but sometimes seeing others enjoy the experience of creating a meal can inspire the chef in all of us. If your favorite guy happens to also be your favorite sous chef, give him a unique gift that will make him feel at home in the kitchen.

 glass and wooden salt and pepper shakers


Every good sous chef needs to be able to add the finishing touches onto a meal. In a five-star restaurant, that might be fresh garnishes and fancy sauce designs, but at home it’s probably perfecting the seasonings. These beautiful glass and cork salt and pepper shakers are the perfect unique gift for the sous chef in charge of tonight’s flavor profile.



If your favorite sous chef isn’t quite ready to take on a full meal yet but loves making the appetizers, this three-piece serving set is the perfect gift for him! Whether he’s making a creamy spinach and artichoke dip or serving up fresh guacamole, this beautiful piece of modern decor will up the presentation of any appetizer. 

 thin wooden cutting boards


If appetizers and small plates are his specialties, you need to find a unique gift that elevates his foods of choice. This gorgeous, handmade, French Oak cutting board is made with quality and elegance in mind all while helping to create the perfect spread for sharing food.

Finding unique gifts for men can be difficult, and finding unique gifts for men who bake can feel nearly impossible, but if you get creative and pay attention to the tools that would make their next cooking endeavor easier, we guarantee they’ll love it.

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