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Ten Unique Gifts for Your Favorite Host or Hostess

You’re about to run out the door, and that’s when you realize, you have nothing to give your host as a gift. Whether you’re attending a housewarming party, a holiday gathering, or you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, we have the perfect unique gifts for any occasion. You won’t need to worry about our house gifts feeling out of place either, as they’re sure to fit with any modern home decor.

Before diving into which unique gifts are perfect for your host or hostess, we wanted to share a little bit about the tradition of giving house gifts to your hosts and what the rules of gift-giving are.

Giving a host(ess) gift is becoming something of a lost art. While your grandparents would have never thought to show up somewhere empty-handed, today it’s far more common. If you’re worried about giving a house gift that doesn’t match, finding a piece of sleek and simple modern decor is always a safe bet. But, if you remain unconvinced, here are some tips, tricks, and dos and don’ts of house gift giving.

Remember that a house gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. A unique gift will be appreciated far more than another expensive bottle of wine or liquor. As long as you are thoughtful, your host(ess) will be more than happy to invite you back again and again.

You also will need to remember a few faux pas of house gifts for hosts. First, never bring anything that creates work for the host. Bringing flowers? Put them in a vase that mirrors their modern home décor, so they don’t have to trim the stems and find a vase themselves. You never want to take your host away from entertaining their guests. The second most important rule is to never bring food to a party where food is being served. Unless it’s specified as a potluck, the host has planned out an entire menu and likely catered to people’s dietary restrictions.

Now that you’re prepared to pick out a unique gift for your host, let’s talk about what you should bring for every occasion!


Modern Dinner Party

A dinner party is one of the most common social events you’ll be invited to throughout your life. Whether it’s a gorgeous banquet at an estate or a casual get together at a friend’s apartment, bringing a unique gift will make your host feel appreciated for putting all the time and effort into preparing and serving a meal. If it’s a dinner party where multiple other people will be attending, it’s likely that there will be more than enough wine bottles gifted. Instead, pick a timeless piece that will match with any modern home.

No matter what time of year it is, a bouquet of flowers is always the perfect gift. They’re thoughtful, colorful, and will always match any modern home decor. We recommend stopping by a local florist as they’ll have the best flowers that you can be sure won’t wilt in the car on the way to the dinner party. As we mentioned above though, you never want to give a gift that creates more work for your host. Instead of bringing a bouquet of flowers wrapped in cellophane that the host will have to find a vase for and trim the stems, gift them a gorgeous vase for their flowers. Not only will they love the beautiful flowers, but they will also love the additional thought of a timeless accessory for their modern home.

two wooden cutting boards stacked standing up on a counter

If they’re hosting the evening, it’s likely they frequently have company, so why not gift them something they can use while entertaining? Choose a beautiful French oak cutting board that can also be used as a charcuterie board, for tapas, or for serving freshly baked bread. It’s a unique gift that is not only functional but also catered to your host’s love of throwing a good party. And hopefully, you get invited back for the next dinner party so you can enjoy the delicious charcuterie board!


A Modern Holiday Party

The holiday season can feel packed full of activities, parties, and occasions where you’re just not sure what to give a host. While you may love the holidays, we know it can still bring on feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. With these unique gifts, instead of focusing on what to gift your host, you can focus on spending time with your loved ones.

People always say not to gift candles, but what they really mean is don’t gift candles if you don’t know what scent your host prefers. Take all the worry out of candle gift-giving by giving an unscented candle that will look at home among any modern home decor. The crisp white will be perfect for creating a cozy ambiance even during the coldest of winter days. We recommend keeping a few on hand for any last-minute holiday parties that may pop up!

coral colored journal with let's meet on the cover

The holiday season ends with setting intentions for the new year. If your host’s intention for the new year is to declutter their home, you may not want to add more objects that they’ll need to determine spark joy or not. Instead, give them a gift that will help them set themselves up for success in the new year. A colorful journal will provide them with the space to track their goals and jot down their thoughts. It’s a unique gift we bet no other party attendees will give!


Gifts for Meeting the Parents

Is there anything more stress-inducing than meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? You try to plan the perfect outfit, learn their interests ahead of time, get prepared for different family dynamics, and on top of all of that, you need to find the perfect gift to bring. Don’t fret! These house gifts will go over without a hitch, and they’ll be singing your praises in no time at all.

Show off your personality and good taste with a small piece of modern art. Show how worldly you are by explaining these art tiles are made in the tradition of 16th century Delft tile making. Choose a piece of art that speaks to who you are and the relationship you have with their son or daughter. Whether you intend on traveling the world together, love taking romantic strolls through the park, or are about to adopt your first pet, your in-laws-to-be will love having something small to remind them of the wonderful person their child is dating. It’s a truly unique gift that will outshine any house gift they’ve ever received before! 

three hanging herb potted plants

If you know their parents love to cook and entertain, why not give them something that they’ll appreciate every time they’re in the kitchen? Instead of running outside or to the grocery store, they will be able to pick fresh herbs right in their kitchen. It will be hands down the most unique gift they’ve ever received. If you plan on sticking around for a while, you’ll need to start brainstorming future house gift ideas that will top this new favorite!


Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are such wonderful occasions. Not only have your loved ones just crossed a huge milestone by becoming homeowners, but they’re also inviting all of their friends and family to celebrate with them and turn a house into a home. They’re starting off their new adventure by creating the feeling of gezellig in their new space. Don’t just show up with a bottle of wine or a case of beer, help them break in their new home with house gifts that they’ll love.

two geometric drinking glasses and decanter

One of the best parts of having a home to call your own is being able to entertain as you please. This often includes having some sort of bar, bar cart, or a sidebar for serving. Give your loved ones a unique gift that they can proudly display in their brand-new modern home with this gorgeous crystal set. While everyone else is bringing expensive bottles for them to pop open at their convenience, you’ll be the one providing the tools to drink and serve it. This is a house gift that will stay in their home for years to come.

There is no such thing as too many throws. Although they may have just bought a sparkling new modern home; it needs to be a place they’re comfortable relaxing at the end of the day. Give them something they’ll use all year long with a beautiful knitted throw. Whether they’re reading on the couch, hunkering down on a snow day, or creating a blanket fort with little ones, a warm and cozy throw is the perfect housewarming gift.


Spending the Night (or longer!)

Everyone has a few close friends or family members that you travel to visit and spend time with. While they’re sure to be excited you spent the time to come out and visit them, it’s still a nice gesture to thank them for their hospitality. Here are a couple of unique house gifts that will leave them wishing you could have stayed longer.

They’ve probably thought ahead and prepared meals and activities for every day you’re there, but why not surprise them with a little planning of your own? Not only is this a fun and unique gift, but it will also create memories that will last a lifetime. Slip away for half an hour and grab some ice cream, sprinkles, hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherries, and set up an ice cream sundae station for a surprise mid-day dessert! These colorful bowls that are reminiscent of a 1950s ice cream shoppe create the perfect, jolly atmosphere, and the matching sundae spoons are sure to be a hit. Everyone will look back on this surprise ice cream social with fondness, and who knows, it could become a new tradition!

Like we mentioned above, even the most beloved guests add a bit of work for the hosts. They’ve likely shopped and meal planned for the entirety of your stay and have come up with a bunch of fun activities for you all to participate in together. Why not give a little special something to the chef of the house? This finely crafted leather apron is what any head chef or home cooking hobbyist needs. Whether they love grilling, baking, or frying up some delicious flavors, this gorgeous leather apron will protect their clothes and keep them feeling like the top chef they are. Plus, it’s so unique, you can be certain it’s a house gift that will never be copied!

  • A thank-you note

While this isn’t technically a gift, we thought it was important to include. If someone has hosted you overnight, or for a longer period of time, make sure to send a thank-you note when you arrive back home. A small thank you note can go a long way. You can write about a fun memory from the trip, something delicious they made for you, or even how lovely their modern home decor is. No matter what you say, always remember to say thank you. 

Trying to find a gift for someone, especially for someone with a well-decorated modern home, can be intimidating, but there are plenty of options out there if you think just slightly outside the box. All of our pieces at Uniek Living are made to fit the decor of any modern home so you’ll never need to worry about gifting something they’ll immediately want to return.

The most important part of any host(ess) gift is to remember to be sincere. Think about who the person is and what would be useful or meaningful to you. As long as your gift is thoughtful, it will be appreciated. Shop more unique gifts at our store today.

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