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Dutch Design for the Hobbyist

modern leather dutch design apron

If you hear ‘Dutch design’ and only think about decor, you haven’t heard of one of our favorite designers — Stalwarts — yet! Do you love spending time entertaining and cooking up a meal on the grill, tending to your garden, or woodworking in your shop? No matter how you love to spend your free time, Stalwarts’ designs will make your hobby even more enjoyable.

Stalwarts have used the principles of Dutch design to create gorgeous and sturdy leather and denim aprons ideal for digging in and getting your hands dirty. Stalwarts is a family-owned business, and the craft of creating high-quality aprons has been passed down from father to son. All of their aprons are made from leather or other Fairtrade sourced materials. 

Our Three Favorite Aprons


The Classic Denim Apron is perfect to wear while gardening or creating your newest masterpiece. The 12oz, high-quality denim feels sturdy, while still allowing plenty of movement. The neck strap is adjustable, so you can tailor it to fit your exact height and needs, plus there are two straps you can use to tie around your waist to ensure your apron stays in place. An added bonus is the large front pocket, where you can store your gardening tools or paintbrushes. Whether you’re painting your next masterpiece or pruning a blooming rose bush, this denim apron is perfect for you.


Stalwarts’ Classic Leather Apron is absolutely gorgeous and a must for every grill master. Available in four colors, this apron will protect your clothes against sparks, charcoal stains, and sizzling meats. The leather is easy to clean so even if there’s an accidental spill, there’s no need to worry. This apron is the perfect cross between functionality and fashion and will make every BBQ more enjoyable. Not quite a grill master yet? With some great grilling tips, a leather apron, and a grilling spatula, everyone will be looking forward to your meals in no time. Perfect for BBQing and great for the kitchen. You’ll be sure to see them on your next trip to the Netherlands where every barista, bartender, and waiter is wearing the leather apron.


The Duluxe Leather Apron will quickly become an item you can’t live without. It’s perfect for wearing while working on your next project — whether that’s building a new bookcase, sanding down a flea market find, or getting under the hood of a car. The apron is made of full-grain leather for comfort and durability. It’s adjustable at five different points to ensure it fits you correctly, and never gets in the way of the tools you’re using. The Duluxe Leather Apron also features a large front pocket with two openings, so that you can hold onto small parts or directions without worrying you’ll misplace them. The leather is easy to clean and will protect your clothes from sawdust and grease.

No matter how you like to spend your time, Stalwarts has the perfect apron accessory for you. If you’re shopping for a loved one, you can rest assured they’ll love these high-quality, sturdy aprons. Looking for other gift ideas? Visit our blog here to find a gift for everyone in your life.

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