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Our Favorite Pieces by Puik


Puik was founded in 2012 by Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher. Their idea was to commission top Dutch designers to create stylish, functional, and unique items for the home. Puik values the use of natural light and reflection, color, and materials that enhance the effect of each piece. Each item produced by Puik is original, produced sustainably, and made of the best materials. Below we share with you some of our favorites by Puik.

Modern Furniture by Puik

Modern design came out of the modern art movement in the early to mid-twentieth century. This was the beginning of the rise of modern furniture, emphasizing clean lines, natural materials, and minimalism. Furniture is the basis for any well-designed room and these modern furniture pieces by Puik help create the perfect foundation for any room in your home.


This beautiful lounge chair by Puik is made of wool and steel for a comfortable and clean look. It is the perfect piece of modern furniture to sit back, relax, and read a good book. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your room, the Dost chair even comes in a stunning terracotta that will bring a bit of pazaz to any space in your home.


The Shunan table by Puik comes in two different sizes and finishes, making it a versatile piece of modern furniture that can be used throughout your home. Combine colors and heights to make a dynamic centerpiece for your living room or you can use them as bedside tables, side tables, or even your child’s workstation!


These barstools by Puik come in a variety of color and fabric options, all with the same sturdy and sleek steel legs. Whether you’re looking for classic black leather or a beautiful grey felt, these bar stools are the perfect piece of modern furniture to add to your kitchen, den, or wherever you entertain guests!


This unique and fun table was inspired by a serving tray. Standing at almost a foot and a half tall, the Puik Tepsi table makes the ideal side table. The raised edges make it great for holding a cup of tea, your current book, or any knickknacks you need a place for while keeping them safe from your furry friend or toddler.


This felt and steel chair is such a fun piece of modern furniture! You can mix and match the shapes in four different combinations like a round seat and square back or square seat with a round back. Use these for unique yet coordinated dining room seating, around your family game table, or for a comfortable and cheerful desk chair.


We love the story behind this stool! Available in eight different color combinations, this stool was inspired by a piece of gymnastics equipment. The steel legs create a unique design on the base of the stool, while the variety of fabrics and color let you customize it for any room in your house. The Puik Bokk stool is a great piece of modern furniture to use for creating a welcoming breakfast nook or simply for extra seating! 

Subtle Modern Home Decor

Not only does Puik create gorgeous pieces of modern furniture, but they also have a beautiful collection of functional decor pieces that will make all your friends ask who your interior designer is. These are some of our favorite pieces for your home.


We know you may be thinking “salt and pepper shakers as decor?” But we promise once you see these beautiful shakers you’ll understand why. One of the best ways to upgrade your home decor is starting with everyday pieces. Get rid of those generic plastic black and white shakers and use these shakers by Puik instead. They’re fun, playful, and each shaker is hand blown so the set will be completely unique to you.


A shelf can turn any wall space into a work of art and these Duplex shelves by Puik do just that. Made from steel and finished in a powdered coating, they come in three different neutral colors to match any room in your house. The shelves can be hung top-down or bottom-up as standalone shelves or combined with each other giving you the opportunity to get creative with how to display your prized possessions. These shelves are so stylish and functional you could even use them to make a focal wall.


This crystal decanter by Puik is a gorgeous blown glass piece to display on your bar. It is perfect for serving dinner guests or for impressing your new client. It was intentionally designed to draw your eye as the glass and liquid artfully reflect the light around it.  We recommend pairing the decanter with Puik’s set of drinking glasses (Radiant).


These radiant glasses are the perfect addition to your bar alongside the Puik Rare decanter. Their diamond shape allows light to reflect through at a variety of angles and playoff whatever liquid is inside. They make the perfect glass for a beautifully crafted cocktail or freshly squeezed glass of lemonade on a summer day.


These velvet cushions by Puik are nothing short of luxurious. You’ll feel like royalty with this addition to your home. The cushions come in either a square, rectangle, or a unique hexagon shape to add a layer of playfulness and depth to your sofa or bed. The hidden seam in each pillow makes the three-dimensional shape pop. The soft velvet, unique shape, and bold colors will make any chair, couch, or bed feel immediately more lavish!

As you can see, Puik is one of our favorite brands. With so many unique pieces to choose from, it was hard to narrow our list down to just a few! Want to figure out how to implement some of these pieces into your living room? 

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