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Bring Laughter, Sustainability, and Fun to Your Modern Kitchen

As the summer winds down and colder weather rolls in, it’s natural to start thinking about how to spruce up different rooms in your home. You might start thinking of how to make your bedroom cozier, your living room brighter, or your study more organized. While we love all kinds of decorating, the room most often forgotten about when it comes to sprucing up your space is your kitchen! You don’t need a full renovation and all-new appliances to create the modern kitchen of your dreams. By simply adding well-placed pops of color and creating space for fun in the kitchen, you’ll have the modern kitchen you’ve been dreaming about in no time.

Bright Modern Kitchenware

When it comes to creating a fun and bright modern kitchen, nothing compares to the ingenuity and designs of Zuperzozial. Zuperzozial’s mission is to create products that respect the Earth in a simple and smart way. They create all of their products with the environment in mind, but they don’t just make environmentally-friendly products. Zuperzozial makes sure that every product is stylish and durable as well. They know that being environmentally-friendly also means creating products that last beyond a season, so all of their products are not only made to last, but they are also made to reflect classic designs that never go out of style.

Zuperzozial Modern Kitchenware

Basket Case Bread Basket

This whimsical and cheery bread basket by Zuperzozial is perfect for displaying on your counter or for passing around during the salad course. It’s available in muted pastel shades that will match any modern kitchen, while the unique design will catch your eye even from a distance. Stack this basket full of homemade dinner rolls that will leave your guests wanting more. This easy dinner roll recipe is as simple as stirring the ingredients together. As the smell of baking bread spreads throughout the house, your entire family will join you in the kitchen anticipating the delicious food about to come out of the oven. We believe every great family meal should start with some warm, comforting bread, so keep the Basket Case Bread Basket full in your kitchen and make everyone smile with thoughts of past family meals.

Cup of Flavor Measuring Cups

Baking in the kitchen is all about creating memories. Sure, grandma’s famous cookies are out of this world delicious, but passing down that recipe and baking in the kitchen together is the real secret ingredient to grandma’s recipe. With these measuring cups from Zuperzozial, you’ll never mistake the sugar for the salt again because each cup is its own bold color. Instead of remembering a specific measurement, just remember you put the sugar in the purple cup! Want to make some new traditions in your modern kitchen? Try making some of these unique cookies. We can already hear the laughter as everyone fights for the last bite of the maple-glazed apple cookie dough. As you’re waiting for your cookies to cool, throw the measuring cups in the dishwasher and prepare for your next great creation.

Sweet Fortune Bowls

These bright and colorful bowls will make any kitchen feel vibrant. If your cabinets have been feeling cluttered or you’re embarrassed by the assortment of dishes you have in your glass display cabinet, these were made for you. Guests and family alike will love the cheerful colors, and their shape will remind everyone of the perfect ice cream sundae or pie à la mode. If you want to put your new bowls to use in your modern kitchen, we recommend a recipe that combines all the best fall flavors. The best way to maximize memories made with any recipe is to pick your supplies yourself! Head on out and pick your own apples; there will be plenty of laughs along the way. Once you’re back home, you can make your own perfect apple pie. Once it’s done, top the warm pie with some creamy, vanilla ice in your Zuperzozial bowls and curl up to watch a movie together.

Sundae Spoons

Admittedly, we couldn’t decide between our favorite dessert recipes to pile into your Sweet Fortune Bowls, so why choose! These long-stemmed, colorful spoons come in the same color palette as the Sweet Fortune Bowls, so you can mix and match the colors any which way you’d like. If you’ve ever tried to get that last drop of ice cream at the bottom of your bowl and found your hand covered in hot fudge and whipped cream, you know why these long-stemmed spoons by Zuperzozial are a must. If you want to make truly amazing memories in the kitchen, have an ice cream sundae competition! Layout all different kinds of ice cream and toppings and let everyone try to create the best sundae ever. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the most unique ice cream sundae recipes we’ve found yet. Soon your modern kitchen will be full of laughter, ice cream, and a little friendly competition.

Chop Chop Cutting Board

You might be wondering how a cutting board can help upgrade your kitchen and make lasting memories, but these colorful cutting boards can be used in so many ways. Yes, of course, they can be used for slicing bread or cutting fruit, but once you see how gorgeous they are, you’ll be inspired to use them in other ways too. Our favorite use for the Chop Chop Cutting Board is to pass tapas around the table. Each board gets its own unique tapas, and the boards get passed around, so everyone gets a sampling. Instead of reaching for the middle of the table and accidentally knocking a glass over, this cutting board makes at home tapas easy and colorful. Here are some tapas ideas to pass around at your next family meal.

Kids Dinner Set

If you have kids or grandchildren, there are probably a lot of miscellaneous items floating around your modern kitchen at any given time. We get it! Every child might have their favorite plate, bowl, or spoon. If you’re having a hard time remembering which plate in which specific shade of blue is meant for which child, these dinner sets by Zuperzozial are the solution. Each dinner set features a cup, plate, and bowl with a fun animal design. If you want to make mealtime really fun, create a story for each animal — that way when dinner time rolls around, your kids will want to sit down and help create the next part of the story. You can even find Nemo on one of the dinner sets. We can guarantee the room will be full of giggles as your family comes up with a story about how a rooster and Orca became friends!

Hanging Herb Pots

Who said a modern kitchen only has to be about tableware and recipes? These hanging herb pots by Zuperzozial are the perfect piece of decor for your modern kitchen. Have you ever been in the middle of making homemade salsa and realized you have no cilantro? Or you’re making a delicious sauce for your homemade lasagna and look up, only to realize in order to get basil from your garden, you’ll have to go out into the pouring rain? Why not add some fun decor and always have your favorite herbs available? These bright pots with natural jute rope hangings will make any space in your kitchen feel brighter and livelier. Planting the seeds and nurturing them to grow is a great activity to do with your family as well. Pick out the herbs you want, or search through some recipes to see what herbs you’ll use the most! Need some ideas to get started? Here are some of our favorite recipes for using rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, and cilantro. Once you’ve decided on the perfect herbs for your kitchen, tend to them and watch them grow, and soon you’ll be picking fresh herbs for any recipe.

Hammered Effect Bowl

Zuperzozial’s Hammered Effect bowl is great for entertaining. The hammered effect design creates an elegant and unique look and feel. It’s beautiful enough to use as a centerpiece, a fruit bowl, or even an ice bowl for your bar cart. For entertaining, we love to mix and match the three muted tones the bowl comes in and create an appetizer table that is full of delicious food and feels well-coordinated. Create dips to eat with chips or crackers, salads using seasonal produce, or a heartier pasta salad to fill up guests at a cocktail party. If you want to try out some new recipes for your next dinner party, we recommend this roasted vegetable salad or this pumpkin spice apple caramel dip. Everyone will be asking where you got your recipes and your decor!

Cupful of Color

We love adding color to spaces to make them feel warm and welcoming. Too many colors can seem overwhelming, but with Zuperzozial’s collection, their bright and modern colors pair perfectly with each other and any modern kitchen design. We adore these cups, and can’t help but think of drinking the perfect, creamy milkshake when looking at them. While they’re great for sipping on a cold cup of water, their stylish and fun colors make them appealing for crafting mocktails, smoothies, or milkshakes. In fact, if you’re looking for an idea for your next neighborhood party, why not try a mocktail competition? Put out all different juices, adornments, sodas, and flavors, and see who creates the best mocktail in a half hour. Grab a bunch of your Zuperzozial cups and judge away! The winner gets bragging rights and wonderful memories.

On the Road Shopping Bag

You can’t have a modern kitchen without food to fill it! You’ve likely heard of plastic bans happening all over the world. As people become aware of the impact one-use plastic have on our environment, it’s becoming more important than ever to find sustainable solutions. Zuperzozial has created their entire brand around sustainability, and this shopping bag is the answer to one-use plastic bags. It’s made from a washable paper material, so even if there’s a produce spill on the way back from the store, there’s nothing to worry about. This will quickly become a household favorite, and hopefully, you’ll never have to make more than one trip to the car for groceries again.

A Sustainable, Modern Kitchen

The products we shared with you are just a few of the products we carry by Zuperzozial, but one of the best and most unique things about the Zuperzozial brand and their Raw Earth collection is their commitment to sustainability. All of the flatware created by Zuperzozial is made from ethically sourced, sustainable materials. Their cups, plates, bowls, and silverware are made from corn and bamboo, then reinforced with melamine to create products that are durable and dishwasher-safe. The designers behind Zuperzozial know that sustainability also means creating products that don’t go out of style, which is why all of their products feature clean lines, modern colors, and classic looks. Their products are meant to last you a lifetime. If for some reason you do end up disposing of an item from their Raw Earth collection, you won’t have to worry about them ending up in a landfill for the next hundred years. Their products are biodegradable and take approximately three years to break down once disposed of. As you make memories in your kitchen, remember that you want the next generation to share laughs around the dinner table savoring a home-cooked meal. 

Now that you have fresh recipes and new, sustainable products, it’s time to start using them! Grab your friends and families and try out new recipes or perfect old favorites. If you have new neighbors, invite them over for a meal and help them feel welcomed. Perhaps even use some sustainable kitchenware in their ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ gift.

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