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Modern Furniture for the Modern Bedroom


Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind. You want to incorporate cool colors that have a calming energy, and you want your furniture to be simple, clean, and functional while still maintaining your personal home style. Luckily, modern furniture is the perfect cross between functional, clean and unique. Below you can find some of our recommended pieces for your modern bedroom, but there’s plenty of more options available in our store!

Modern Storage

Whenever you have company over, we all know the first room to collect all the miscellaneous objects from the rest of the house is the bedroom, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a calming space. In order to feel comfortable and cozy in your bedroom, everything needs to have a home and that happens by making sure you have the right storage in place. Here are our best modern home decor pieces to help you make the most of the space you have.

  • For Jewelry and Scarves: HAAK - WALL HOOK
These modern, functional, and unique wall hooks are perfect for storing all your necklaces and scarves. They look like oversized push pins to bring some whimsy into the room, but by arranging them vertically down the wall next to a dresser or mirror, you can create the perfect accessory station without adding clutter to the tops of night tables or dressers.

Everyone has comfortable clothes to lounge around in, but more often than not they end up littered on your bed after you change in the morning or get thrown on the dreaded clothes chair. Instead of letting your comfy clothes slowly take over your room, hang up this minimalistic coat rack from ZOOI and use it to hang up your favorite robe or sweatshirt that you plan on changing back into as soon as you get home.

This piece of modern furniture is perfect to put in the corner of your modern bedroom. Do you have extra pillows, throw pillows, and extra blankets on your bed that you toss on the floor or to the end of your bed every night? No more! Instead, simply hang the extra blankets over the side of this large metal vase and fill it with your extra pillows. Now, when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you won’t be walking through a landmine of pillows!

Home Modern Decor

Many people have a bedroom that is simply a bed, a dresser, and nothing else. Although minimalistic, it doesn’t have the warmth and coziness needed to make it a truly relaxing room. By adding just a few functional pieces of modern furniture, you can make your bedroom a place you want to spend time, rather than a place you just want to sleep. Here are some of our favorite modern furniture pieces for the bedroom.

By putting something as simple as a chair into your bedroom, you’ve turned it from just a place to sleep to a place to unwind. The PUIK chair in ivory is the perfect piece of modern furniture to brighten up a forgotten corner and give you a place to rest. The chair is made of wool and steel, creating a cozy and clean look that is ideal for your modern bedroom design.

This table in black is perfect to put next to your brand-new ivory chair. Designed based on a serving tray, it has enough space to hold a book, a cup of tea, glass of wine, or a reading lamp. Made of birch wood and steel, it combines the clean lines of modern furniture with the functionality of Dutch design.

These leather straps create a unique shelf from whatever material you choose! You can mix and match materials to bring personalized design and modern home decor into your room. Even better? These shelves can help clear clutter from around your bedroom. When your bedroom feels cluttered, it is scientifically proven to cause feelings of distress and displacement. Using these shelves, you can clear up the clutter from your side tables, dresser tops, and anywhere else you might be piling things up so you can artfully display the objects that mean the most to you.

By just tidying up and finding places to store all those objects, you’re well on your way to having a modern bedroom worth spending time in.

Comfortable Modern Accents

Not only should your modern bedroom feel clean and uncluttered, but it should also feel comfortable and cozy. You want extra blankets to curl up with, and extra pillows to prop yourself up while you watch what you swear is the last episode of Friends. These are some of our favorite modern home decor pieces for comfort in the bedroom.

This pillow from URBAN NATURE CULTURE is perfect for bringing a pop of color into your bedroom. The pillow is cotton, making it soft, light, and perfect for laying on. The fun flower and stem design add character, while the soft orange tones remind you of a sunset. It’s a modern home decor piece meant for unwinding.

This cashmere throw is perfect for a breezy summer day where you want to throw the windows open, but it’s not quite warm enough to curl up without anything covering you. It’s also lightweight and versatile enough to be used as a scarf so you can use it both inside and outside the bedroom!

These two-toned, gem-colored pillows are the perfect modern home decor pieces to add a touch of elegance to your modern bedroom. Whether paired with your reading chair or as a final touch on your bed, these satin and velvet pillows will make you feel like royalty in your bedroom. The best part? You can mix and match the colors for a look just as unique as you are.

This reversible throw blanket made of 100% cotton is the perfect throw to curl up with on a chilly fall day. The red and grey colors are a mix of rustic decor and modern home decor, while the white fringe adds a bit of fun to this soft throw.

These PUIK cushions are so fun, we think everyone should have them in their modern bedroom! The pillows come in either a rectangle, square, or our personal favorite, a hexagon. Each pillow is made from a piece of velvet cut into the exact shape that will be delivered to your door. These three-dimensional shapes are so fun and are unique enough that we bet none of your friends have even thought of a hexagonal pillow before!

These blankets scream cozy and warm. Knitted from wool and acrylic, they’re big, bulky, and perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. They’re also perfect to layer over a lighter blanket to keep you warm through any weather. They come in three neutral colors to ensure they match with any bedroom decor.

Modern Decor Designs

The best part of designing or redesigning a room is the decor, and that’s no different for the modern bedroom! You might be thinking that if you want to minimize clutter then you don’t want to include decor, but tastefully picked and placed modern home decor is the key to making any space feel relaxing and comforting. Below are just a handful of options of all the various modern home decor pieces we have in our store!


Instead of playing music off your phone or through some weird plastic monstrosity that takes up way too much table space and looks like something you had in your college dorm room, this stainless-steel speaker in a variety of colors is the perfect way to set the mood and still make your room a modern bedroom.

Every modern bedroom should have a candle to make it feel cozy and smell inviting, but not all candles need to advertise their company front and center. These gorgeous scented candles are perfect for a nightstand, reading nook, or on your dresser. The candles come in either a ‘warm vanilla’ or ‘white lotus’ scent perfect for when you just need to decompress.

If you have access to an outdoor area off your bedroom, these hurricane lanterns are perfect to put right by the door, or even in the window. The copper color adds a rustic touch, while the metal and glass make it a modern furniture dream. Their indoor/outdoor functionality help make your modern bedroom the ideal, versatile space.

While no, this is not a sundial, this clock by LEFF AMSTERDAM in natural wood mimics the color of the sun through each hour of the day. Each segment of the clock plays with light and shadow in a different way making it the perfect statement piece for your modern bedroom.

Jewelry boxes can feel outdated and take up so much space. If you just have a few rings, bracelets, or earrings why not store them in something unique and fun? This sea flower bowl from URBAN NATURE CULTURE is a beautiful bright orange piece of modern home decor that can add a pop of color to any surface. It will also hide your jewelry or any other knickknack you need a safe place to store.

Modern Accents For Your Walls:

This poster features a hand-drawn batik pattern on organic poster paper. What makes this paper organic and also super unique? One of the ingredients is actually elephant dung! Although that might sound gross, the heating process makes it odorless and safe to touch. A fun fact you can tell your guests on their house tour? The elephant dung actually comes from a Dutch zoo! This unique artwork is the perfect modern home decor for the modern bedroom.

STORYTILES art tiles follow the tradition of 16th century Delft tile making by creating miniature art on ceramic tiles. This tile showcases the New York City skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. Want to make it a collection? You can also get the Paris art tile or the Amsterdam art tile. These tiles are a great piece of modern home decor that can create an art gallery in your bedroom.

Plants are essential for bringing life to any and every room. These hanging herb pots from ZUPERZOZIAL will make your bedroom feel cheerful, bright, and airy. The natural jute rope will add just a touch of bohemian décor, while still maintaining the modern bedroom design you want.

If your room is feeling dark and small, there’s nothing better than a mirror to reflect light and open up the space. These mirrors from PUIK are a great piece of modern furniture that utilize three-dimensional shapes to make the ordinary contemporary.

No matter what pieces of modern furniture you choose, you’re sure to be on the right track for creating a calm and welcoming modern bedroom. The key to choosing modern furniture that works for you is deciding what function it needs to perform and how it will make you feel more at home in your bedroom. Need more ideas about how to best utilize modern furniture? You can check out our previous blog, Using Modern Furniture to Overcome the Challenges of Small Spaces. Interested in learning more about Dutch design and modern furniture? You can read our Dutch Design 101 blog here.

Now that you’re full of ideas, it’s time to start shopping, and find the modern furniture pieces that were made for your bedroom!

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