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Zuperzozial Blends Functional Products with Eco-Friendly Materials

Zuperzozial eco-friendly modern kitchenware

We are proud to carry Zuperzozial products, a company that uses eco-friendly materials without sacrificing durability. You don’t have to compromise on unique design, practicality, or responsible purchasing when buying from an eco-conscious line like Zuperzozial. All products are made with corn powder and bamboo and then reinforced with melamine resin. Those materials not only make all Zuperzozial products long-lasting but also biodegradable in under three years when you’re ready to dispose of them. In comparison, the average ceramic dish takes 1,000,000 years to decompose. Continue your love for modern design while introducing eco-conscious dinner and kitchenware from Zuperzozial.

Muted Yet Modern

Understated colors and sleek materials have contributed to the Zuperzozial modern design we know and love. The Hammered Effect bowls provide the sturdy bowl you need with the subtle, unique design of hammered dimples. You will elevate your dining room table with the Basket Case bread basket which comes in white or grey. The cutout design allows for easy carry from the kitchen and passing at the table. The basket’s use will double as one of your more sophisticated home accessories when used as a decorative fruit bowl. The Foursquare serving tray is large enough for drinks, dessert, or any of your signature dishes. The simplistic design of the tray ensures it won’t clash with any of your colorful kitchenware.

Colorful Kitchenware

 If you’re looking to step out of your muted palette or looking for a seasonal change, light up your kitchen in color with the unique design of Zuperzozial. These Chop Chop cutting boards come in six different colors, and will quickly become one of your favorite home accessories, especially for presenting a carefully curated cheese board at your next dinner party. The Tasty Treats bowls come in packs of six and are a great way to serve dips, nuts, or candy. We recommend the rainbow collection, which pairs well with these Spoonful of Colour spoons, especially for an ice cream treat! Need a bigger serving? The Sweet Fortune bowls bring a bistro-style contoured design to the table. The Cupful of Colour set of six cups will match perfectly with your new bowls and spoons, and come in three different color sets. There are vibrant selections for the kids too with these Hungry dinner sets, which come in seven animal choices, including flamingo, lion, and parrot.

Beyond Modern Dining

The unique design of the Zuperzozial brand doesn’t stop with serving and dinnerware. You can keep your favorite herbs close in these colorful Spice It Up hanging herb pots. When you’re ready to change up your herbs, the pots are dishwasher safe for a quick switch to a fresh plant. Zuperzozial’s impact transcends modern design with this On the Road reusable shopping bag, made from 100% natural, recyclable fibers. Not only does this bag maintain your style, but it’s also made of washable paper, making it a responsible purchase over plastic bags. Choosing a reusable bag over plastic can protect sea life, air quality, and avoid other damaging consequences that come with using plastic bags.

At Uniek Living, we select the best design brands to fit your modern taste. With Zuperzozial, your unique design collides with care for sustainable materials in their product line. Start shopping for your new home accessories here.

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