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Make Meals and Memories with Dutch Design


Why Rustic Design?

Rustic design is in! Gorgeous weddings are happening in rustic barns, and modern homes are filled with rustic decor. Brood and Plank has merged Dutch design and rustic decor to create beautiful French Oak serving boards that will impress any guest.

Meet Brood and Plank

Brood and Plank make their serving boards in Friesland using traditional Dutch methods. All of their boards are sawed by hand, sanded down, oiled, and then burned with their signature mark, making each and every board a genuinely unique piece of Dutch design. They pride themselves on their craftsmanship and their selection of wood that makes every one of their boards a work of art.

Brood and Plank Cutting Boards

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of decor that can be used in the kitchen, dining room, or bar, you’ll adore these pieces by Brood and Plank. Here are a few of our favorite boards that are a part of their collection.


Rather than calling the Mare a cutting board, Serge Veenema — the owner and craftsman behind Brood and Plank — prefers to call it a presentation board, because it’s perfect for entertaining. Made of solid French Oak, it creates a beautiful serving platter, cheese board, or even the foundation for a centerpiece decorated with your choice of candles or figurines. No matter how you use the Mare board, it will attract the attention of all your guests.


The Tapas cutting board is far more than just a cutting board! The oversized, French Oak wood board is perfect for serving tapas or appetizers. The large board is almost two feet long, while the extra-large board is over three feet, making it easy to create a festive atmosphere with shared plates at your next gathering. You can also use it to prep large meals in the kitchen, without having to swap out multiple cutting boards for each ingredient. No matter how you use this serving and cutting board, you’ll quickly fall in love with it and start planning meals around how best to present them on this gorgeous board.


The Poijke Cutting Board by Brood and Plank is a beautifully designed, French Oak board with a leather strap — a favorite of craftsman Serge Veenema. The large board is perfect for serving flatbreads. You can even plan an entire dinner around it! Each member of your family can create their own flatbread masterpiece, cut them into slices, and then everyone can sample the family creations. Turn it into a family competition and have everyone vote on their favorite flatbread! Your Poijke board will be in the middle of all the action and quickly become a staple of fun family meals.

Dutch Design in the Kitchen

Bringing this beautiful mix of Dutch design and rustic, modern decor into your home will help you make beautiful meals and create memories around your table that will last a lifetime.

Want to incorporate other elements of Dutch design into your home? Here are some of our favorite products for home design — they even make great gifts! You can also shop all Dutch design products in our store today.

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