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Our Favorite Modern Bedroom Decor by Urban Nature Culture

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Urban Nature Culture is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur and designer Anne Marie Hermans. Anne Marie’s inspiration for her designs come from her travels both locally and abroad. She’s experienced many different cultures, traveled to remote villages, major cities, and connected with people around the world. Her designs mirror her vision of the world: URBAN NATURE CULTURE. With this collection, Anne Marie’s goal is to bring the world into your home and reflect the global society that has inspired her. To learn more about Urban Nature Culture and their efforts in sustainability, you can watch their video here.

Below we share some of our favorite pieces from Urban Nature Culture and give you tips on how to use them in your home to meet your design goals.

Urban Nature Culture - Modern Decor

Sometimes it can feel like your entire home is so put together, yet your bedroom — the place that should be your own relaxing oasis — is more chaotic than calm. Bringing modern bedroom decor into your bedroom can help create a comfortable, clean, and soothing aesthetic. Here are some of our favorite modern bedroom pieces from Urban Nature Culture and the reasons you need them in your home.

Modern Comfort

Above all else, you should be able to find comfort in your bedroom. It’s where you go to relax, unwind, and sleep.. Urban Nature Culture takes the work out of finding comfortable decor for your modern bedroom with their collection of stylish cushions.

This cushion with textured fabric, inspired by the old European tradition of embroidery, adds subtle texture to your bed, sofa, or reading chair without being too busy. You can rest in comfort knowing your decor matches the relaxing aesthetic you’re after.

The Flor Verde cushion is inspired by the Amazon jungles. To the designers, it is a reminder that we all need to do our part to keep our planet clean. As you think about incorporating this into your modern bedroom, consider what it will mean in your space. Perhaps a reminder to get outdoors, or to revisit your favorite vacation memories, or it could just be to add subtle color to your bedroom. Whatever it makes you think of, you’ll be thinking while relaxing in style.

We can’t help but love the Por Do Sol cushion by Urban Nature Culture. Intended to capture the warmth of the sun, it does just that with its warm colors and welcoming pattern. If your bedroom feels small, cramped, or dark, we recommend adding a couple of the Por Do Sol cushions to brighten up your space and bring some of the outdoors inside.

The inspiration for this gorgeous cushion came from South America and Asia. Described by the designers as tall tree-like grass, these cushions will make you feel as though you’re standing in a field with the wind blowing around you. If you grew up with space to roam free and are now confined to a city-sized apartment, this cushion can help you feel a bit of that freedom again while making your room into the crisp, calm, modern bedroom you deserve.

If you’re looking for something a little bolder, make a statement with the Sado cushion. The irregular circular pattern and rectangle shape pays homage to its urban inspiration. The brown, orange and off-white colors will make you feel like you’re living in a gritty New York novel, but we promise it’s one with a happy ending.

Pairing Dutch Decor with Your Modern Furniture

You want your bedroom to be the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day, but you also want it to look nice for when a friend travels to stay with you, or when your mom pops by for an unexpected visit. You can use modern furniture to keep your bedroom clean and sleek and use Dutch decor to create a soothing atmosphere. Here are some of our favorite decor pieces to pair with your modern furniture.

The footed bowl by Urban Nature Culture makes the perfect jewelry dish for your dresser or nightstand. Instead of losing your favorite pieces you wear all the time, place them in the bowl at night and you’ll know exactly where they are in the morning, even if you’re running late.

It is officially time to upgrade from the collection of water bottles and cups you have sitting next to your bed. This white, stoneware pitcher with clean lines is perfect to keep bedside and refill the one glass you’ll have next to your bed going forward. The matte white finish can blend into a neutral background or create a sharp contrast against darker decor. It’s the perfect pitcher to compliment any modern furniture pieces in your bedroom.

This beautiful, decorative candle will bring the outside in once it’s burning. The clean white curves and flickering light will instantly make you feel more content and relaxed. This is perfect to pair with any modern furniture piece in your room, or better yet, grab a few and stagger them throughout the room for a truly relaxing escape.

Urban Nature Culture has done a tremendous job in ensuring all their decor pieces will bring a layer of warmth and comfort to your modern bedroom. Want to find the perfect modern furniture pieces to pair the decor with? Head over to our store and shop our modern furniture today!

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