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Four Fabulous Mooi Jewelry Pieces

We live in a world that is continually changing, updating, and modernizing. Think back even just 10 or 15 years - we bet your countertops weren't granite, you were just transitioning out of wallpaper, and your jeans were much looser around the ankles than they are now. That is the beauty of time and design maturing together.

As design everywhere gets more modern, so does fashion, whether its clothes, shoes, or accessories. One of the most significant areas we see change is in modern jewelry. Right now, jewelry trends are leaning towards “simple statements,” meaning people look to keep things clean while standing out from the crowd.


What is Mooi Jewelry?

Nothing fits this description more than Mooi jewelry. The word “mooi,” in Dutch, means "pretty," "beautiful," or "handsome." That is precisely how we describe this collection of jewelry at Uniek Living! Each piece is made in the Netherlands and is uniquely put together on simple strands, ranging from 1 to 15 strands per piece. The emphasis on metal shapes in a wide range of colors puts the necklaces in the modern jewelry category, as the guidelines to modern design would allude to.


Our Four Favorite Mooi Jewelry Products

 modern necklace with three bronze squares on a silver chain

Piece #1: the three-cubed staple

Picture it: you met a guy in the grocery store checkout line. You exchanged numbers, he asked you to dinner for that Friday, and the day is here. You have a gorgeous and classy black dress with a high neckline, but you just aren’t sure what to pair it with jewelry-wise. That’s where this three-cubed staple comes into play!

This necklace is a beautiful piece of modern jewelry, boasting a single strand with three silver cubes lining it. The one strand is minimalistic, therefore making it the perfect necklace to pair with a solid color dress, blouse, etc. in order to dress up a classy outfit. The three cubes appear to be heavy but are actually extremely lightweight, giving off a bold but easily manageable look.

Going silver rather than gold is a safe bet, as three gold cubes might end up looking too flashy. Besides, silver goes with just about anything, making this piece of Mooi jewelry versatile beyond belief!

 unique modern necklace with several blue spheres on thin silver wire

Piece #2: our summer love

When the weather gets warmer, the colors come out to play. Everyone is a little more daring and playful in the summer, which is why we are obsessed with this particular necklace!

This necklace is perfect for the summer or a tropical getaway in so many ways. First of all, the bright blue color is happy and fun compared to the dreary grays you saw in the cold winter months. Next, the shape of the small balls almost reminds you of bubbles, which brings you back to swimming, the beach, etc. Finally, the fifteen strands are representative of being busy, which is exactly what everyone is in the summer (in the best way!).

What should you pair this piece of modern jewelry with to keep the sunny, bright vibes going? Anything coral or peach! We recommend a tank, sundress, or blouse in the same color family. The blue and orange colors complement one another as opposites on the color wheel, and the brightness is perfectly balanced!

 necklace with several neutral colored balls on thin silver wire

Piece #3: the sophisticated stunner

As previously mentioned, the “mooi” in “mooi jewelry” literally means “pretty.” Have you ever seen a necklace prettier than this one? Perfect for a business meeting, picking the kids up from school, or just a much-needed date night with your partner of 20+ years, this chunky number is everything you want and more.

This necklace offers the ideal balance of simple and loud in more ways than one. First, six strands are a happy medium between the one strand we saw in piece #1 and the fifteen strands we saw in piece #2. Second, the balls are all different sizes. Small balls offer daintiness, while large balls offer boldness. Third, the colors are elegantly diverse. The mix of blacks, silvers, browns, and bronzes is just loud enough to be playful but just quiet enough to be subdued. No matter your age or situation, this necklace can always be your go-to.

 necklace with small multicolored metal cubes on silver chains

Piece #4: sleek refined

Not a fan of chunky shapes? Care for modern jewelry that is a bit sleeker? We've got your perfect match! This fifteen-strand necklace presents its wearer with five different colored cylinders that are sure to wow the crowd. The cylinders are a little larger than the strands themselves but much smaller than the balls and cubes of other pieces, making the décor a seamless addition to each strand.

The colors of this piece of jewelry, if left without a proper finish, would veer away from modern. Modern design features more warm tones, and the metallic finish on these cylinders takes the brightness down a notch in order to make them appear a tad warmer (all the while contributing to the sleekness of the necklace).


Your jewelry box is updated, now what?

You purchased a few items from the Mooi jewelry collection, and you’re ready to move on to something a bit larger and more daring. Love the colors and shapes of the jewelry you’ve bought? We can help you transfer the look and feel of those designs into your home!

If you’re looking to expand the cube shape outside of just jewelry piece #1, look no further than this fabulous side table from Kilo. Between sides that jut out and an array of colors to choose from, this item is not your ordinary nightstand! If you’re more into the cute, dainty balls found in piece #2, you’ll absolutely love these tea towels from Urban Nature Culture. Break these out in the summer – they’ll remind you to play in the bubbles washing the dishes create while keeping your kitchen as stylish as your modern jewelry.

Whether you have an item in mind, you just want to peruse our offerings, or you need help learning about all the different types of design out there, we're here for you! Check out our furniture, décor, and accessories, and don’t forget to read all our latest blog posts. We look forward to helping you make your modern design dreams come true!

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