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10 Occasions Where Zuperzozial Gifts Shine

If you’re anything like us, there’s always a birthday or occasion that leaves you with unique gifts to buy. But often, it can be hard to think of one-of-a-kind gifts that your friends, family, and coworkers will love, especially ones that are good for the environment.

Enter Zuperzozial. One of the many brands we’re proud to carry at Uniek Living, Zuperzozial is a Dutch brand that aims to create products in a smarter way—by curating contemporary products that are as stylish as they are durable and biodegradable.

If there’s anyone on your list that has a flair for modern products that are good for the environment, look no further than our collection of modern gifts from ZUPERZOZIAL!


What’s the Zuperzozial Difference?

Did you know that the average ceramic dish can take up to one million years to degrade, while a Zuperzozial dish is biodegradable in just three years?

Handcrafted from a mixture of corn powder and bamboo, Zuperzozial products are reinforced with melamine resin, making these modern gifts not only long-lasting but also completely biodegradable. Talk about a win-win!


The Perfect Occasions for Unique Gifts

No matter the time of year, there's always something to buy a gift for, whether it's a birthday gift or something you bring along to show your gratitude for the host or hostess. We've compiled ten occasions that we think are perfect for Zuperzozial gifts, each with a unique item or two that are sure to be the talk of the event!


Our top ten occasions:

  1. Modern dinner parties
  2. Housewarming parties
  3. A baby shower/children’s birthday parties
  4. Ice cream sundae party
  5. Friendsgiving
  6. Host/Hostess gifts
  7. College apartment housewarming party
  8. Christmas
  9. Cookie exchanges
  10. Garden parties


1. Our Favorite Modern Gifts for the Chef in Your Life

Do you have a friend or family member who spends the majority of their time in the kitchen? They probably look to their kitchen as a place of refuge, so why not help them make it a more beautiful and sustainable place with the help of thoughtful, unique gifts for the kitchen?

This beautiful bowl with a hammered effect is sure to become the MVP of the kitchen. It can be a fruit bowl, a salad bowl, or an ice bowl! The possibilities don't end there, but no matter what, it'll fit right in with any décor because of its beautiful natural color palates, available in grey, white and moss green. Neutral doesn't have to mean boring, though. This hammered design gives this bowl an elegant look that guests will notice!

Bowls not their thing? No problem! We also love these beautiful and functional Chop Chop cutting boards! Who doesn't need a new cutting board in their kitchen? Did you know that once a cutting board shows deep grooves or knife marks on its surface, it's time to replace it? If not, you’re risking bacteria growth within those grooves that can make everyone sick. Not only do we love these cute boards for the bright, modern colors and the multiple uses they serve, but also because when it’s time for a new one, these beauties are biodegradable and don’t fill up the landfill for years to come!


2. Unique Gifts for a Housewarming Party

unique bread basket with geometric openings

Whether you’re welcoming a new neighbor to the neighborhood or visiting a friend’s new house, arriving with something in hand is always a nice gesture! Did you know that traditional housewarming gifts used to include salt to keep life flavorful, bread so the family never goes hungry and a broom to sweep life’s troubles away?

While those are lovely and functional gifts, we have a few modern gifts that might be a fun twist on the tradition.

This unique Zuperzozial bread basket is a quirky, functional gift for both someone you know well or someone you've just met for the first time. Not only can they use this for freshly baked bread, but also muffins, fruits, or even as a multi-purpose basket for décor! The possibilities are endless, which makes these wonderfully open-ended modern gifts.

Are you looking to add a little flavor? These Zuperzozial measuring spoons are your best bet! Honestly, who doesn't need some high quality measuring spoons? Go bold with bright rainbow colors or keep it a little more neutral with the dawn color palette if you’re unsure of their style preference. Either way you go, these beauties will be well-loved and used for years to come!


3. Zuperzozial Gifts for the Little Ones

kids dinner set with panda and flamingo

Shopping for little ones is fun but can also be so difficult. What do they need that's fun, yet functional?

This beautiful kid’s dinner set is the answer to this question. Complete with a matching plate, bowl, and cup, this set from Zuperzozial comes in fun, funky animal designs like dinosaurs, parrots, flamingos, lions, whales, hippos and a few others. You're guaranteed to find a design that the little one in your life will love! Plus, their parents will love this gift because it's durable and dishwasher safe.


4. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

The perfect recipe on a hot day or an excellent treat for a long winter day (snow ice cream, anyone?), an ice cream sundae party is a hit for kids and kids at heart.

Up your game the next time you're invited over for a sweet treat by providing your host or hostess with these sundae spoons! With six in each pack, there should be enough for everyone! They’re perfect for those tiny hands too, thanks to the long handles that allow for minimal messes once kiddos get to the bottom of their bowl.

Pair them with these Zuperzozial bowls, the perfect modern gifts for lovers of ice cream sundaes, soup, or anything else they might cook up!


5. Modern Gifts for This Year’s Friendsgiving Celebration

salad servers in unique colors

Friendsgiving is the new(ish) faux holiday that has everyone talking. But what's so great about it? It doesn't require the typical stress that regular Thanksgiving events do, and best of all, you get to choose who you invite. No crazy uncles are engaging everyone in a heated political discussion here! Best of all, Friendsgiving is all about sharing. What better way than to bring unique gifts with you to the event?

This elegant Foursquare serving tray is perfect for a turkey or as a festive Thanksgiving-themed charcuterie board based off of various recipes found on Pinterest. Not only can you provide an elegant gift for your host or hostess, but you could even repurpose your Thanksgiving leftovers for an epic grazing board that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Add a pop of color to the Friendsgiving feast this year with these Sal & Ed salad servers from Zuperzozial. Available in four vibrant colors, these salad servers make perfect modern gifts for any of the chefs in your life. Plus, they're dishwasher-safe, making Friendsgiving clean up a breeze — which is something to be truly thankful for!


6. Unique Gifts for the Host/Hostess

A thank you for someone’s hospitality is essential for showing your love and appreciation for your host or hostess. While a thank-you note after the event is a great idea, not arriving empty-handed helps your hostess feel appreciated and loved.

If you know that your hostess loves fresh fruit or cooking up delicious Italian cuisine, these colanders are an excellent gift idea! Available in two sizes and various beautiful colors, these Zuperzozial colanders are an essential gift idea for the entertainer in your life.

The perfect modern gifts for someone who has company over often, the Tasty Treats Small Bowls are the cutest most useful addition to any modern kitchen. Choose from basic colors like grey or white or make a big statement with vibrant color collections like dawn, rainbow, or breeze! Whether they're hosting a cocktail party, cookout, or a holiday party, these bowls will fit any occasion! 


7. Welcome to College with Zuperzozial

Going off to college is such an exciting time for teenagers in so many ways. One such method is deciding on their style, as it relates to their clothing and home décor. If they're lucky, teens now have a place all to themselves to decorate in any way they see fit, so helping them in that journey is a great way to determine what kind of welcome to college gift you give them.

If the college student in your life seems to associate with modern décor pieces, there are a few unique gifts you can purchase for them.

These Cupful of Colour cups can add a splash of color to an apartment, with plenty to share with visitors. The best part? They're durable and totally dishwasher safe. No need for washing by hand here! With three color palates to choose from, every college student will find a set that they love, and that'll last them through their college years.

If they love those, you might as well get them the matching bowl set, too! Whether they prefer to mix and match color palettes, these bowls are ready to serve up anything your student can make, from ramen to late-night ice cream; these bowls won't disappoint!


8. Merry and Modern Gifts for Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is about giving rather than receiving, and we love that at Uniek Living. Give someone you love the gift of sustainable kitchenware this year, gifting them a product that looks good and is good for the environment at the same time.

The Tutti Frutti Mega Bowl is the perfect centerpiece for any table, from the kitchen table, coffee table to the dining room table, this piece can genuinely live anywhere. Whether for holding décor, collecting keys and other trinkets, or acting as a fruit bowl, this beautiful vessel can and does do it all!


9. Baking Up Some Unique Gifts

four nesting bowls in bright colors with fruit

According to recent studies, baking can reportedly increase one's feeling of wellbeing and can actively contribute to stress relief! Baking for others can even multiply that effect!

Planning or attending a cookie exchange is a unique way to include friends and family to get in on the fun! Whether you’re the attendee or the host, purchasing a few baking necessities for others to enjoy is another fun way to give back through baking.

Nesting bowls are an absolute necessity for any baker. The various sizes allow them to mix up multiple batches of cookies or other baked goods simultaneously, saving precious time and energy! These Never-Ending bowls by Zuperzozial make an excellent sustainable addition to any kitchen.

These measuring cups make ingredient mix-ups a thing of the past thanks to the vibrant colors for each size. Your favorite baker will soon have the most cheerful set up in town, thanks to these unique gifts!


10. Unique Zuperzozial Gifts for the Green Thumb

We all know someone with what seems like a super-human strength at not just keeping plants alive but helping them thrive! If you’re not a green thumb yourself, it might be hard to come up with unique gifts for those gardeners in your life, but the perfect gift idea for you!

The most obvious gift idea is these beautiful hanging herb pots, guaranteed to spice up any kitchen. Keeping the garden within arm’s reach of your favorite gardener is a sure way to make their kitchen a more exciting place for them! Plus, these pots, like all Zuperzozial products, are eco-friendly. A bonus for the environment and your environmentally-conscious friend or family member.


Modern Versus Contemporary Design

Here at Uniek Living, we have a mixture of modern and contemporary products that make the perfect unique gifts for just about anyone you love. However, sometimes, the difference between modern and contemporary can get a little confusing. We’ve broken down the differences briefly below, so you can be prepared the next time you have to buy modern gifts for that modern mom or contemporary-loving coworker of yours.


Modern Design

This style is earthy and warm with lots of wood, leather, stone, and velvet accents. If something mentions a specific time, like the 50s, 60s, and 70s, it's more than likely a modern design.


Contemporary Design 

When you think contemporary, think futuristic. A little less warm with accents of glass, steel, chrome, and nickel.

You will, however, notice that both approaches to design include a minimalist aspect, which we love here at Uniek Living.


Modern Gifts for Everyone on Your List

At Uniek Living, we strive to provide you with a wide range of Dutch-made objects that are not only beautiful but good for the environment, as well. By showcasing brands like Zuperzozial that are doing just that, we are honored to provide options for exceptional gifts that don't harm this beautiful world. From unique gifts to practical, yet elegant home goods, we hope you can find something for everyone (including yourself!) here. To shop our collection, click here.

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