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10 Modern Ceramic Pieces to Match Any Décor

Picking out the perfect kitchenware can be just plain hard. What color should you get? Should you buy ceramic, bone china, or porcelain? What’s the difference between the three anyway? And how many place settings do you need to have on hand for a dinner party?

The questions are endless and can often lead to decision fatigue, which makes it much easier just not to choose at all. But, you can't (and probably shouldn't if the environment has anything to say about it) eat off paper plates for the rest of your life. Narrowing down kitchenware options is essential and can be pretty straightforward, so long as you do a little research beforehand.

One of our favorite options that are hardy and durable, while also being beautiful and modern, is ceramic kitchenware!


Why Ceramic Kitchenware?

Traditional ceramics, like ceramic kitchenware, have a long history. Originally made thousands of years ago, the term ceramic can mean anything from glass, tiles, bricks, diamonds, graphite, or pottery. In fact, the original Greek word for ceramics, keramos, translates to “pottery.”

Did you know that there are three types of ceramic? Let’s take a look at all three now, so you can tell them apart on your next shopping trip.

  • Earthenware
  • Porcelain
  • Stoneware


Earthenware Kitchenware

Earthenware kitchenware is clay fired at a relatively low temperature. Earthenware is known for its slightly porous texture, meaning it can't hold water unless it is first glazed and re-fired in a kiln to make it completely waterproof.


Porcelain Kitchenware

Porcelain pieces come from refined clay heated to a very high temperature (up to 1,450°C). This process results in a hard, shiny piece that’s often white or translucent in color. Did you know that the earliest forms of porcelain originated around 1600BC in China?


Stoneware Kitchenware

Stoneware is similar to earthenware in that it is a clay fired at a lower temperature (around 1,200°C), but unlike earthenware, it’s not porous and is considered waterproof. True to its name, stoneware does have a stone-like quality, making it durable and a hardy material for ceramic kitchenware.


What are the Benefits of Ceramic Kitchenware?

At this point, you might still be unsure if ceramic kitchenware is right for you and your home. To make you even more comfortable with ceramics before we list our top modern ceramic picks, we’d like to explain a few of the benefits of buying ceramic.

  • High melting point
  • Strong
  • Excellent durability
  • Good insulators
  • Long-lasting


Are There Any Disadvantages to Buying Ceramic Kitchenware?

Like anything, there are always cons. For modern ceramics, it’s pretty simple. Ceramic kitchenware holds up to a lot of life's messes, but there are two weaknesses that ceramics have as opposed to other kitchenware materials. One of those is shattering. If you’re prone to accidents or have lots of little kids running around your home, ceramic might not be your best bet since it will break if dropped. Another thing that you have to watch out for with modern ceramics is thermal shock. This simply means that if you drastically change the temperature of your ceramic kitchenware (going from too hot to too cold too quickly), it’ll likely shatter, as well.

However, for the most part, if taken care of properly, ceramic kitchenware can be an excellent addition to your home and kitchen! There’s nothing quite like a beautifully hand-crafted ceramic mug or vase that adds a homey feel to any space.

Now that you know where modern ceramics come from and what the benefits are, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite modern ceramic pieces available from Uniek Living.


Ceramic Kitchenware for Any Color Scheme

From bright and bold whites to stunning pops of color and everything in between, we've got ceramic kitchenware for any décor scheme you can imagine! To make this easier for you, we’ve divided up our favorite ten modern ceramic pieces by color scheme, listed below, so you can quickly find the right option for your home.

  1. Bold in white
  2. Calming neutrals
  3. Basic in black
  4. A pop of color


Bold in White Modern Ceramics

You know what they say: you can never go wrong with white. It's classic, timeless, and is guaranteed to never go out of style. Best of all? If you decide to incorporate other colors into your décor, white ceramic kitchenware will complement it nicely without clashing. Plus, when you hear the term modern, white is the first color that comes to mind, isn’t it? For that reason, a lot of our favorite ceramic options are available in different shades of white. Which modern ceramic piece is the perfect one for your home? We’ll leave up to you!

This ceramic vase from ONSHUS, the Vas, is the perfect accent piece for your coffee table or kitchen counter. Can you imagine how beautiful yellow daffodils, pink peonies, or a deep purple ranunculus bouquet would look in this vase? You'll be buying (or requesting!) flowers year-round so that you can keep the vase out in full view. The best part? This modern ceramic vase comes in two sizes, tall and short, so it’ll be perfect for anything you decide to fill it with!

We love these modern ceramic coffee cups from ONSHUS for many reasons. Not only do they come in two sizes, one perfect for espresso and the other perfect for a cup of coffee or tea, but they also feature a fun design, hidden in plain sight. What may look like a modern textural design is the brand name, ONSHUS, written out in Braille on each ceramic cup! Our vote? We think you should mix and match the sets, so you have both small and larger cups to pull out when company comes over for a coffee date! That way, everyone’s happy!

There’s something whimsical about perfectly imperfect ceramic kitchenware, like these URBAN NOMAD BOWLS from URBAN NATURE CULTURE. Each ceramic bowl features slight irregularities that make them not perfectly round but provide a unique look to any table. Mix and match the sizes to create a fun, whimsical tablescape that’ll wow your dinner party guests. From the smallest at 5.5 inches to the largest at 12.5 inches, you can choose what size works best for your home, depending on your needs and your storage situation.


Calming Neutral Ceramic Kitchenware

Warm, earthy tones in creams, browns, greys, and beige are anything but boring. In a modern home, mixing ceramic kitchenware in these colors with other unique, one-of-a-kind materials and patterns can transform any space into a fun, yet relaxing home where everyone feels comfortable. Let's take a look at some of our favorite modern ceramics in calming neutral hues.

This bowl from NADESIGN brings a European flair to any room you put it in. From a unique coffee table catchall to a breadbasket or fruit bowl on the dining room table, you’ll find plenty of uses for this handmade piece. We specifically love how this bowl features a few different textures and materials—from the high gloss inside, matte exterior finish outside, to the wooden legs; it's a truly one-of-a-kind ceramic piece!

The CYL ceramic coffee mugs from KINTA combine glossy and matte finishes as well to deliver a unique modern ceramic look that your guests will love! Dishwasher safe and available in three color combinations, these modern ceramic coffee mugs are a must-have for the caffeine-lover in your home! We personally love them in grey because they'll easily fit in with any décor in this beautifully neutral hue. If grey isn't in your color palette, they also come in white or celadon for a pop of color. Better yet, add one of each to your collection and let guests choose their favorite.


Basic in Black Home Accessories

Formal, elegant, and powerful. These are all words used to describe the color black, and we couldn't agree more! There is just something about a sleek black appliance or accessory in a home that sets the décor apart. However, too much black can leave your home a little dark and dreary. To prevent an overload of black, we are all for pops of black to bring an elegant feel to your kitchen through black ceramic kitchenware. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites!

There’s nothing more comforting than sitting down to sip a nice, hot cup of tea after a long day. The only way to make that reality better is by serving the tea from this beautiful ceramic teapot from KINTA. We love the modern, no-frills design in matte black, but we especially love the large size! Did you know that this ceramic teapot holds up to 30 ounces of liquid? That means whether you are using a French Press to brew some piping hot coffee, looking to enjoy a cup of Earl Gray before starting your day, or need to boil water for any other reason, this modern ceramic teapot has got you covered!

These ceramic Jap footed bowls from KINTA put the fun in functional! We love adding colorful pieces to a home to create fun, unexpected pops of color (as you'll see below), but we also understand when you want to keep things muted and more formal. However, these bowls can do both! Thanks to their black ceramic exterior, these bowls look like any other until you peek over the rim and see the colored interior ceramic. With two color options to choose from, you can pick which accent color goes best with your home's décor. We don't think you can go wrong with the blue and black or mustard and black—both options are genuinely timeless and a fun surprise for unsuspecting guests!

One of our favorite, most versatile pieces in our modern ceramic tabletop collection is the ONSHUS SERVE bowl that comes with a matching lid that can be used for serving, as well! This beautiful ceramic kitchenware piece features a sleek and shiny black glazed ceramic outside that is both dishwasher and microwave safe! What can beat that? There's truly nothing better after a dinner party than to be able to put your ceramic kitchenware pieces straight into the dishwasher—no handwashing needed here!


A Pop of Color for a Modern Space

Sometimes in a modern space, a splash of personality from a pop of color is what you need to make your space more interesting and homier. Depending on your personal preferences and what color palettes you are most comfortable with incorporating in your kitchen, we’re confident you can find a few modern ceramic pieces in our ceramic kitchenware line that’ll do the trick!

The colors of these MONDAY CUPS by PUIK are available in three eye-catching hues that are created by mixing the pigments with liquid porcelain—our personal favorites are the dark and light blue to add a little color to your collection of ceramic kitchenware. The outside of each ceramic mug is smooth to the touch, while the inside is sleek and shiny, allowing your beverages to flow smoothly through them every time you reach for a sip.

If you liked the Jap footed bowls we mentioned earlier, you will love these SUM BOWLS from DE INTUITEFABRIEK! These beauties are made with so much thought and care for the incredible details that make them unique and one-of-a-kind. Both delicate and elegant at the same time, these modern ceramic bowls will undoubtedly make a statement at your next dinner party! Available with a range of blue hues on the inside of the bowl, paired with a raw matte finish on the outside, these bowls are truly extraordinary to behold in person.

No matter what life stage you’re in, you’ll likely need to upgrade or replace a few pieces here and there. That’s where modern ceramics come in! Modern ceramics are truly the most durable and unique pieces of kitchenware you can find. Each piece has a story and was handmade by true artisans and craftsmen, making it a unique addition for your kitchen. Visit our website for more information on how to incorporate modern ceramics and ceramic kitchenware into your home or office!

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