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Three Timeless Luxury Bags for Your Every Need

You know the struggle. Searching high and low for the perfect modern bag—one that is not only beautiful, comfortable, and functional, but also has the amount of room you need for all the things that you hold dear. Well, that search ends today! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite modern bag fashions and have highlighted some excellent luxury bags in each category, too!


Timeless, Modern Luxury Bags for All

No matter what you need the perfect bag for, there are plenty of designs, styles, and bags out there for you; you just have to know what you need! Do you need something that's earth-friendly? Want a modern bag that will double as a diaper bag? Whatever bag you need, we’ve got you covered thanks to our collection of O MY BAG, MON SAK, UNBEGUN, and more!


Modern Bag Selections

  1. Shoulder bags

  2. Backpacks

  3. Miscellaneous bags


1. The Latest in Shoulder Bag Fashion

Shoulder bags are the ultimate staple in any closet. Built with pockets for storage and padded shoulder straps for utmost comfort, these bags are a must-have for anyone with stuff to carry to school, work, or anywhere in between. Different from a tote bag, shoulder bags typically have dedicated space for pockets that zip, button, or have some closure, whereas totes are one open space. If you're looking for a bag that can help you stay organized, shoulder bags are it!

The POSH STACEY MIDI shoulder bag is a great functional piece, giving off a classic, sophisticated look thanks to its shiny, premium-quality sustainable leather. Tanned without the use of harmful chemicals, this is a bag you can feel good about!


2. Backpacks for One and All

In recent years, backpacks have emerged as the new “it bags" when it comes to busy commutes, travel, and everyday life. We have more and more things to tote around, so why not do it with our hands-free? Research even shows that backpacks are also a great (and stylish!) alternative for those of us who suffer from back or neck problems, as they distribute the weight evenly, avoiding putting all the stress on one side of the body.

This beautiful, clean, and natural backpack from MONK & ANNA is made of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials and is sure to turn heads! The rolltop and zipper closure adds to the charm of this beautiful piece, and plenty of pockets make it perfect for pretty much anything—a school backpack, laptop bag, or even a modern diaper bag. The possibilities are endless!


3. Miscellaneous Luxury Bags for Everyday Life

Sometimes an event or occasion calls for a fun, modern statement piece. By choosing a modern bag, you're sure to find one that fits the occasion and your personality, and hopefully, it will last you many years to come!

This HALFMOON WALLET by MONK & ANNA is the very definition of a statement piece! Big enough to fit just the essentials, this leather wallet available in six hues is all you’ll need to be the talk of every party you attend!

Whether your style is modern, minimalist, contemporary, eclectic, or anything in between, we’ve got a modern bag for you—the perfect accessory built to withstand everyday life, making you look good and feel good in the process!

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