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How To Incorporate Luxury Stools Throughout Your Home

Due to their small frame, a modern stool can provide extra seating in your house while not taking up too much space in the process. You can also transform it into the most valuable piece of furniture in your home because of its versatility of uses. From extra seating to a side table or accent piece, these luxury stools really can do it all! Plus, luxury stools can fit in seamlessly with any modern or contemporary space’s décor.

Here at Uniek Living, we love the idea that any sized space can use luxury stools like these BOKK stools that are simple, timeless, and, most importantly, useful! So, whether you live in the tiniest studio apartment in a big city or live in a home in the country, we've got modern stool options for you—perfect for any room in the house!


A Modern Stool for a Modern Home

We love simplicity in both design and decorating throughout your home or office. Minimizing your décor to only include well-made, versatile pieces that can be easily stored is an excellent idea—especially if you live in a small home! We can’t wait to highlight some of our favorite luxury stools, including some you may have heard of like BOKK stools from PUIK. Let’s break them down by taking a look at all the different spaces in your home where you could use a modern stool!

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom


In the Kitchen

Whether you find yourself digging for spices or baking ingredients from the very top shelf or if you need a boost from time to time, a modern stool can come in handy in any kitchen!

Our favorite modern stool from PUIK are these beauties, the BOKK stools. Not only does it come in two sizes, bar-height and stool-height, it also comes in various hues and materials. For rooms like the kitchen where spills tend to happen, we recommend the leather version. Combine that supple leather with the modern steel legs, and you have a winner every time! Our personal favorite modern stool combination at the moment? Tan and black—whether you go with cognac or tan, we think the leather and steel complement each other so well and, in turn, will have you receiving compliments from your friends and family, too.


Luxury Stools in the Bedroom

Living in a small space can be great for a lot of reasons, but often extra space isn’t one of them. However, using a versatile piece like the BOKK stool in your bedroom as a beautiful, modern nightstand is an excellent way to maximize a small living space.

Depending on your other décor and style, there are a few options that would fit well into any modern bedroom. We love these luxury stools in felt! If you need a bold pop of color, try this BOKK stool in yellow and cream—it’ll give off cheerful vibes every day when you wake up.

If you’re looking for something a little more neutral and understated, you can’t go wrong with this grey felt and black steel option. A classic, elegant look for whatever you need it for, plus you can move this modern stool to your living room in a pinch if you need more seating during a dinner party!


Stools in the Living Room

You probably know the feeling. You’re hosting a dinner party or a girl's night and inexplicably double the number of people you expected show up. You get stressed and anxious because you don't have enough space for everyone. Instead of giving in to the stress, pull out some of the luxury stools you purchased for precisely this situation!

If you’re looking for a modern piece that can be a side table or a stool, we suggest these ONSHUS VOUW luxury stools. Made from aluminum and available in graphite and white, these beauties are sure to fit right in your living room.


In the Bathroom

If you need the perfect modern stool for your makeup vanity or anywhere in your bathroom, look no further than the PUIK BOKK stool. We love the dark blue felt option for a vanity, adding a subtle pop of color to your bathroom—plus, you may want to take longer to get ready because of how comfortable these luxury stools are!


Pairing Your Luxury Stools with Modern Accent Pieces

The best part about these luxury stools? They all pair perfectly with almost any décor and make a fun accent piece. If you're living in a small space and need some complementary pieces that don't take up a lot of space but still coordinate well with these beautiful modern stools, we’ve got you covered! Below we’ve listed two of our favorite minimalist pieces that pair well with your luxury stools.

  1. PUIK TEPSI Table



It’s always an excellent idea to have a few modular pieces in your home, should you need them to provide extra space when you’re hosting an event. This TEPSI side table from PUIK would pair well with your BOKK stools, not only because they’re both made by PUIK, but because they can both easily be stored or used differently when guests don’t need them.

You can use this versatile piece as a serving tray, a side table in the living room, or even a fun accent side table in your bedroom. We love the white and natural option because it can seamlessly fit in with any décor! For a fun modern look, pair it with this BOKK stool in black felt. It's a timeless combination that will last for years!



This beautiful coffee table is low to the ground, inspired by the Japanese Kotatsu table. If seating is limited in your home, and the BOKK stools aren’t your thing, we think this table is the perfect solution! All of your friends and family can gather around in and enjoy drinks and delicious food without worrying about having enough seats for everyone!

The best part about this piece? It does not require nails, screws, or glue. That's right, it fits together like a giant puzzle and is one solid piece of furniture! Thankfully, it comes fully assembled so you can start enjoying it right out of the box—might we suggest this a fresh take on the dinner party inspired by this table? Plan a DIY sushi night and try out this recipe!

To make any space feel roomier, we suggest looking into modern furniture, like the BOKK stools, that can be used in so many unique ways. You can cut down on clutter, but you’ll always have what you need when guests come over! Visit our website for other ideas to outfit your modern home with the perfect pieces for any occasion.

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