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The Best Places And Times To See The Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

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The Best Places And Times To See The Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

A Visitor's Guide To Dutch Tulip Fields: Everything You Need To Know 

If you're looking to see miles and miles of the most beautiful tulip fields in the world, then the Netherlands is the place for you. Tulip season generally takes place from late March to early May. However, different areas of the country may have slightly different blooming times. In this article, we'll give you a visitor's guide to tulip season in the Netherlands, some insider tips, and a list some of the best places to see these amazing flowers.

Where Are Tulip Fields In The Netherlands Located?

Tulips are everywhere you look in the Netherlands, from sumptuous flower markets to beautiful roadside gardens. But where are the endless rows of tulip fields you see pictures of actually located? Tulip fields can be found all over the Netherlands, from the small villages in the north to the bustling metropolises in the south. Some of the most popular tulip field locations include Keukenhof, Noordoostpolder, and North Holland.

The Largest Tulip Garden In The World: The Keukenhof Tulip Fields

Can you imagine the splendor of a vast field filled with over seven million tulips and 800 different varieties? The Keukenhof tulip fields cover 79 acres and are perhaps the most famous. The fields are in bloom for approximately two months every year, from mid-March to mid-May.

In addition to the tulips, the gardens include other flowers like orchids, carnations, daffodils, roses, hyacinths, and lilies.

Keukenhof is located in the small town of Lisse, only a 40-minute drive from Amsterdam.

The Noordoostpolder Tulip Fields

The Noordoostpolder is a unique area because it was created by humans - it was reclaimed from the sea in the 1940s. This created large expanses of rich soil for tulips. Now, visitors can see tulips growing to the horizon.

If you want to bike, walk, and pick your way through the area's one million tulips, check out the annual Tulip Festival in Noordoostpolder. The festival takes place over two weeks in April, and during this time, the Noordoostpolder region is transformed into a sea of color.

Visitors to the festival can enjoy tulip-themed events and activities, as well as the chance to see some of the world's rarest tulips up close. You can learn more about this festival and its sight-seeing routes here.

The best way to get to Noordoostpolder is by taking a driving or taking a train from Amsterdam Central Station. The train journey takes about two hours and there are trains departing every hour. The drive takes around an hour on the A6 highway.

The North Holland Tulip Fields

Some people believe that the best tulip fields in the country are the North Holland Tulip Fields. They are located in a district known as bollenstreek (bulb district) and cover an area of over 2,000 acres. Many growers are bulb producers so visitors might see farmers out cutting flower heads off as they reach peak bloom. This is normal and required for the production of healthy bulbs.

Many of the fields are located behind the North Sea dunes and are highly scenic. They are ‌only a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam.

When Do the Tulips Bloom in Netherlands?

The answer depends on the weather. Tulips usually bloom in April, but if the winter is particularly cold, they may not start blooming until May. Similarly, if the spring is warm and sunny, the tulips may bloom as early as March.

When Is The Best Time To See The Tulips In The Netherlands?

Some locals regard the first two weeks of April as a peak time to visit. (Source) It's usually enough time to give cold bulbs time to bloom but the roads aren't quite as congested as they will be in May.

How Far Is Amsterdam From The Tulip Fields?

Amsterdam is a very small country and all of its tulip fields are within a two-hour drive. You can drive the entire country from end to end in 2.5 hours. The closest tulip field to Amsterdam is the Keukenhof field. Other popular travel options are bike, train, and bus tours.

In the Netherlands, the tulip is a national treasure. This is why springtime turns the country into a tulip festival on a national scale, with tours, flower parades, and incredible options for touring and experiencing the flowers in all their glory.

More Resources To Help You Plan Your Tour Of The Tulip Fields

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