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European Style: Top 4 Outdoor Styling Trends for 2022

Dutch Design Minimalism

European Style: Top 4 Outdoor Styling Trends for 2022

Perhaps you find yourself craving the perfect modern European style for your outdoor chairs or dining set. You're looking for something different, unique, even iconic. Or, perhaps you want an "instagrammable" outdoor living space that reflects your modern lifestyle. If any of these apply to you, you'll want to explore the fascinating world of Dutch design.

In this article, we'll take a look at 4 prominent trends in modern outdoor décor trends in 2022 and how curated, Dutch-designed pieces can satisfy them. If you're ready for world-renowned design in your outdoor living space, read on.

Dutch by Design 

Dutch design is rooted in quality and tradition, and it's often characterized by simplicity, functionality, and a distinctly modern aesthetic. It features elements that many 2022 homeowners are looking for such as clean lines, interesting colors, and an emphasis on natural and sustainable materials.

When it comes to outdoor décor, Dutch designers focus on creating modern outdoor chairs and tables that are iconic, beautiful, and functional. Every piece is singular. It's intended to elevate a space and create an extraordinary experience. This is why the world of Dutch design offers truly unique and stylish solutions for a livable, modern outdoor living space.

4 Modern Outdoor Décor Trends in 2022 + Dutch-inspired Style Ideas  

Trend 1: A Desire to Modernize and Maximize Outdoor Living Space (H3)

Well-known designers and industry insiders have indicated that one of the most important outdoor trends in 2022 is the desire to modernize and maximize outdoor living space. Dutch-designed pieces cater to this trend perfectly because you can combine them to create a custom, modern outdoor dining set.

Style Tip: Mix and Match Modern Outdoor Chairs and Tables to Create a Stunning Outdoor Dining Set

Mixing and matching Dutch-designed pieces will create a curated effect that's sure to impress. To decide what to mix and match, begin by browsing some of the pieces on our website, such as the hinge side table.

This modern outdoor table is made of striking, interlocking metal and comes in various sizes and colors. Mix and match colors and sizes to create an interesting table landscape around your seating. This approach will offer you and your guests plenty of functional resting places for drinks, books, or other objects while being beautiful to behold.

Trend 2: A Focus on Geometric Shapes and Clean Lines 

In 2022, clean lines and geometric shapes are a notable trend that doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Dutch-designed pieces feature both of these things without ever seeming cold, unapproachable, or sterile. The upholstered Dost sofa is a perfect example and would be a wonderful addition to any covered outdoor living area. Its clean, flowing lines emanate an inherent sense of comfort and solace.

Style Tip: Why not blend these trends by matching the distinctive Dost with the more geometrically inclined hinge side table? This will create an inviting outdoor nook for retreat, good conversation, and daydreaming.

Trend 3: A Play on Color

In 2022, two prominent outdoor decor color trends are the use of monochromatic schemes and playful pops. Dutch design embraces both of these in exciting ways. Dutch designers are always mindful of color and most pieces come in a range of carefully rendered color palettes.

Style Tip: The Dost sofa comes in a variety of soft colors that can complement your other color choices. To stay on-trend, cultivate a more monochromic color scheme by choosing pieces in the same or similar colors. Add one or two modern outdoor chairs in a contrasting color for interesting color pops.

Trend 4: An Emphasis on Sustainability and Natural Elements 

Sustainability in Dutch furniture pieces is not an afterthought, but a key component in the design. However, it's about more than just using sustainable materials. Dutch designers strive to create quality pieces that will last for years and can be repaired when needed. The pieces are meant to be well-loved and even passed on as gifts or reminders of cherished shared memories. In addition, color palettes are often inspired by nature and designers highlight natural materials like wood and metal.

Style Tip: Choose furniture that is environmentally friendly and made with sustainable materials. Dutch design prioritizes natural materials and quality so you can be sure your new furniture will last for years to come. 

Dutch design offers a range of beautiful, functional pieces that will help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. We hope we've inspired you to interpret these 2022 outdoor decor trends with a modern, Dutch-design lens.

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