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Our Favorite Gifts from Our Mashpee Pop Up

There is something so exciting about shopping for gifts for friends and family, especially those who live in Cape Cod towns like Falmouth or Mashpee. You have the opportunity to think creatively about what your loved ones would like and see the delighted looks on their faces when they receive their special gifts from you.

While it can be super convenient to shop online for gifts, it is always better to see a gift in person before purchase. You can get a better sense of what it looks like and can accurately picture whether or not your loved one will love it as much as you think they will!

Uniek Living’s Boston Pop Up shop, located this winter in Mashpee on Cape Cod,  is a perfect opportunity to see the handcrafted Dutch designs we love in person! At the Pop Up Shop, our gifts will be on display for you to view, try on, and fall in love with! You’ll find amazing furniture for your best friend living in Hyannis and useful kitchen items for your mom to stock in her kitchen in Falmouth.

Whether you live in downtown Boston or out on Cape Cod, we’ll walk you through the basics of Uniek’s modern versus contemporary designs and how they’ll fit into your loved one’s apartment. Then, we’ll provide you with our top gift suggestions that you can find at our Boston Pop Up shop!


Modern Versus Contemporary Design

Before you get started searching for the perfect gift at our Pop Up Shop, it’s essential to understand the type of designs that Uniek Living provides. Our home and kitchen wares, furniture, and accessories all adhere to modern or contemporary design.

There are many similarities between the designs from both categories. Both modern and contemporary items feature a minimalist design, with pronounced architecture. The wood and leather materials found in modern design blend well with the glass and steel elements of contemporary design. You can mix pieces seamlessly!


Modern Kitchenware Gifts

geometric drinking glasses and decanter

Bostonians take great pride in their living spaces and often adhere to a more subtle, minimalist design aesthetic.

You may be buying a gift for a friend with a large, open kitchen in Mashpee or a tiny galley kitchen in Hyannis. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a simple yet elegant dish set for your loved one to display proudly during dinner. 

At our Boston Pop Up Shop, be sure to check out NADESIGN’s handmade bowl collection. Appropriate for modern or contemporary spaces, these bowls each feature slightly different design elements, adding to the appeal of their handcrafted nature!

At our Pop Up Shop, you’ll find unique gifts for your loved ones who love to have friends over for drinks. Puik’s Rare Decanter is a gorgeous crystal vessel that will elevate your loved one’s cocktail game. It’s also the perfect elegant centerpiece to display during a dinner party! Add in the matching drinking glasses for a flawless presentation.

The Boston Pop Up Shop will also feature a variety of environmentally friendly linens and tea towels to elevate the modern feel of your loved one’s Cape Cod kitchen. Urban Nature Culture’s  Linen Tea Towels come in a variety of colors to suit the modern aesthetic of any kitchen space and are super absorbent.


Give the Gift of Furniture

low wooden coffee table with white edging

There is nothing like adding in an attractive accent piece to take your space to the next level. Your friends and family will be thrilled to be gifted with a beautifully modern piece of furniture for their next birthday surprise!

If your mother or sister is looking for an accent piece to turn their average Mashpee living room into a more modern space, give them the gift of a Kilo Calorie Coffee Table! This table is anything but ordinary. It’s low to the ground design draws inspiration from Japanese tables of a similar style. Each piece of the table fits together like pieces in a puzzle and gives off a warm, rich hue. This table is sure to be the talking point at your friend’s next gathering!

Our Pop Up Shop will also feature a variety of chairs that will turn your loved one’s living space into a cozy haven! Your family will love settling down in a pair of Puik Dost Chairs to watch the snowfall from their living room in Falmouth. These wool lounge chairs provide a sense of comfort and solace and, with their wood and steel design pieces, fit in perfectly to both modern and contemporary settings.


Unique Gifts for Him and Her

man grilling chicken wearing a leather apron

Gifts at our Boston Pop Up Shop are not limited to goods for the home. You will find a myriad of accessories for all members of your family living in Boston!

For her, we recommend Sjaelz & More 100% Cashmere Scarf. This toasty warm scarf is the perfect addition to a loved one’s outfit during a winter stroll through Hyannis. She’ll also enjoy a Rafel Mini Bag, ideal for taking to Mashpee farmers’ markets during the warmer months in Boston.

For the men in your life who feel at home in the kitchen, Stalwart’s Large Leather Apron with Back Strap has a vintage look to perfectly fit the aesthetic of a modern apartment in Falmouth. This apron features high-quality leather that’s perfect for preparing for your next BBQ. For a practical work bag for your dad or brother, be sure to check out Unbegun’s Office Bag at our Boston Pop Up Shop. Made from recycled, water repellent, market stall covers, this bag is perfect for commuters and comfortably fits a work laptop.


Fairtrade and Eco-Friendly Gifts

Many Bostonians and Cape Codders are environmentally conscious and value filling their homes with eco-friendly pieces. At Uniek Living, we share a similar commitment to our environment

Our Pop Up Shop features a variety of Fairtrade items, perfect gifts for the environmentalist in your life. The materials used to create our Fairtrade products are ethically sourced, and the designers, based across the globe, reap the benefits of your purchase.

The Kinta Large Teapot is an ideal Fairtrade item for your best friend’s Hyannis apartment. It features a durable design and comes in a variety of beautiful matte colors. The NADESIGN Handmade Bowl with Wooden Legs is a perfect, minimalist piece for serving or display in a quaint dining area.


Visit Our Pop Up Shop

Uniek Living has you covered when it comes to unique, minimalist Dutch-designed gifts for your friends and family. You’ll find the items we’ve described and many, many more designs in our Pop Up Shop! Whether your loved ones live in Falmouth, Mashpee, or a Boston-area suburb, our Dutch gifts will be sure to fit in seamlessly with their style and aesthetic.

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