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Minimalist Mugs Perfect for Your Modern Kitchen

Minimalist: a person who prefers to keep things simple in life, preferring the minimal amount of something.

In recent years the idea of minimalism has taken off in a big way. No longer just a description of an art form, more and more people are adopting the practice in their lives, finding themselves more content, careful with their money, and overall happier in their lives and homes.

However, the practice of minimalism has a lot of people confused. Can you operate under a minimalist mindset when it comes to certain aspects of your life and not in others? As an online boutique offering high-quality Dutch designs for home and life, we believe that the heart of modern Dutch objects is the innovative style that can spark joy for anyone, minimalist or not.


Do I Have to Give Up Everything I Own to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle?

Not necessarily! The idea of minimalism is rooted in getting by with less material objects that have more than one use, therefore making them more efficient. Sorting through your home and deciding what you have and have not used in the last 90 days and downsizing that way is an excellent start at a minimalist lifestyle. 

The minimalist lifestyle is especially rewarding for people living in big cities where rent is much more costly, by simplifying their lives and reducing the number of objects they have in their home, they'll save on rent by downsizing to a smaller space.


Quality of Decor over Quantity

One of the significant views of minimalism is the notion of buying a few quality pieces that will last for years, rather than a whole bunch of things that likely won't hold up longer than six months before needing to be replaced. 

When it comes to your kitchen, if you're anything like us, you likely use coffee mugs daily. Whether for coffee, tea, or any other drink you love, ensuring your drinkware is made from high-quality materials that will last for years is a great way to begin your journey to a more minimalist lifestyle. Enter: minimalist mugs.


Minimalist Mugs for Every Style

Dutch-designed mugs are a perfect fit for a minimalist lifestyle because of the high-quality ceramic designs and the sleek, modern lines that allow them to fit in with any décor. Check out our five favorite minimalist mugs from our online collection below!


Puik Monday Mugs

stacks of colorful blue mugs

These beautiful ceramic mugs come in three beautiful hues crafted from mixing the pigments with liquid porcelain. The smooth ceramic outside is comfortable to the touch, while the inside is slick and shiny, allowing your coffee or tea to flow smoothly. Handcrafted by Siebring and Zöetmulder for Puik, this pair of mugs are the perfect addition to any kitchen. To complete your collection, check out the elegant Puik espresso cups, as well!


Onshus White Glazed Ceramic Cups

Handmade in the Netherlands, these ceramic beauties made by Onshus are perfect for a morning or afternoon cup of coffee. Available in two sizes, espresso and latte, they also feature unique braille dots spelling out the brand name, Onshus, on the side. Indeed, a one-of-a-kind find for anyone looking to add a modern feel to their home or office!



modern smooth blue coffee mugs

Add a subtle touch to your home with these muted blue-green mugs featuring a raw finished outside and a smooth finished inside. Crafted as a cross between the Sum Mono Smooth and Sum Raw Gradient collections, these mugs feature a breathtaking design that is sure to be the talk of any event you host in your home! Plus, DE INTUITITFABRIEK makes all of their unique porcelain pieces by hand, creating unique designs you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


DE INTUITIEFABRIEK Sum Gradient Smooth Mugs

Looking for simple minimalist mugs in a variety of colors? Look no further than this set from DE INTUITIEFABRIEK that comes in a beautiful gradient, in either blues or grays, depending on your décor. Add a fun pop of color to your modern kitchen in an effortless way!


Kinta CYL CER Mat with Band Coffee Mugs

green dual color ceramic coffee mug

If you’re looking for minimalist mugs that have a bit more of a classic touch, these modern ceramic mugs from Kinta are it! For a bold pop of color, we recommend celadon, which would be a great focal point on a table with all white plates and bowls. Each color combination features a beautiful band of color around the rim, combining matte and shiny ceramic, giving you the best of both worlds! If you’re looking for a smaller version, check out this set from Kinta, as well!


Styling Your Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist design is known for being two things: sleek and simple. Often, people think that it has to mean sparse and boring, but that's not necessarily the case! By incorporating pops of colors with things like minimalist mugs, beautiful artwork, and other unexpected accent pieces, you can make your minimalist kitchen work for you and provide warmth and comfort to anyone who walks into it.

By paring down the things in your kitchen to those things that you truly love and use daily, you'll find that you'll have more space to enjoy the beauty life has to offer. You might even find the minimalist movement to be an excellent thing for your budget, as well! If you spend less on replacing things and instead invest in high-quality items like some of our favorite minimalist mugs, you’ll have to buy replacements less often, giving your bank account some breathing room, too!


A Modern Take on Kitchen Design

Whether you’re revamping the décor of your entire home or just adding a few modern pieces here and there, Uniek Living has the furniture and accents that you’ll love. From linens, tableware, décor, furniture, and accessories, we've got everything you'll need to add a modern touch of Dutch designs to your home—or someone else’s!

Gift something unique for everyone you know and love or treat yourself to a new piece of modern Dutch décor—either way, we have products that are guaranteed to spark joy in your everyday life. Start shopping now for something truly Uniek!

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