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Four Tips to Transform Your Home with Luxury Modern Tables

For some, tables are an afterthought — a requirement in the home to hold the things we need. To others, luxury modern tables are not just a vessel for holding a plate of food, a drink, or a magazine. It’s an expression of your taste and one that will be a mainstay in your home for years.


Choose Luxury Modern Tables That Act as a Conversation Piece

A central piece of furniture in any home is, without a doubt, the coffee table. It’s so much more than a place to set down your morning cup of joe or to prop up your feet after a long day.

While you might style your tables differently from season to season - more on this later - the table itself is likely to be a mainstay year-round. Be sure to choose a table with a distinctive style that speaks to your personality for this crucial piece of décor. Tables with eye-catching, sophisticated design create an opportunity for icebreakers with guests, particularly if the table has a fascinating anecdote about its craftsmanship. For instance, Uniek Living’s Kilo Calorie Coffee Table — that arrives at your home fully assembled — is built using no screws, nails, or glue to assemble it. The 31 pieces that comprise it fit together like a puzzle, in which the last piece locks the construction. The result is a solid piece of furniture with style and an interesting backstory.


Don’t Forget Furniture for Small Spaces

Even small spaces provide ample opportunity for unique luxury side tables that are both functional and stylish. Choosing a small pedestal table for a tight space at the right height can maximize the utility of the area. Several of our luxury side tables come in two sizes to guarantee a perfect fit, or pair two tables of different sizes together for a cohesive look in a slightly bigger space.   


Style Your Modern Tables

Because the coffee table is generally centrally located within living rooms, sitting rooms, and dens alike, family members and guests tend to naturally gather around them as they relax into a sofa or a deep armchair. So put some thought into pairing decorative objects, cherished family heirlooms, and flower arrangements that reflect your style and personality with a unique coffee table for a cohesive design. Many also love to include coffee table books designed for leisurely browsing. If the idea of mixing a variety of beautiful household décor items isn’t appealing to you, try using just one statement piece instead. Just be sure that anything you include on the coffee table isn’t too tall so that family members and friends don’t have to peer around it to speak to one another.

Similarly, spend some time considering what you choose to display on bedside tables and the other luxury side tables around your home. A small, single bud vase with a flower cut fresh from the garden doesn’t take up much space but can make a massive impact in creating an inviting and uplifting environment. Don’t forget to include space for a carafe of water and a glass to quench your guests’ late-night thirst, as well as a pretty lamp for reading.


Rearrange Your Furniture and Décor Periodically

There’s no easier and more fulfilling way to freshen up a space than to take the things you already have and use them in a new way. Test out luxury modern tables in new rooms. Move a favorite piece of art onto a new shelf or wall. Bring mirrored and shiny objects into areas that don’t get as much natural light and marvel at how they brighten up the whole space.

When considering how best to furnish your home or apartment, put some thought into getting the right unique luxury modern tables that can set the stage for years of enjoyment.

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