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Designing Your College Apartment with Modern Furniture


Your college apartment is your first step into the real world – you still have your childhood home, but it’s your first real space that is all yours! Well, and your roommates. College is called “the best four years of your life,” but you know better than anyone that it also comes with a lot of stressful moments: assignment deadlines, all-night study sessions, internships, and so much more. By taking the time to design your college apartment mindfully, you can create a space that brings peace of mind, and also shows off your grown-up style.

Envisioning Your Modern Space

The way you design your home can dictate your mental health, but the effect is unique to everyone. Before you transform your basic college apartment into a unique space with a modern bedroom, consider the following:

  • What are you trying to achieve in this space – peace, focus, energy?
  • What colors bring you that feeling? Yellow for focus, maybe, or blue for peace.
  • What textures evoke that feeling? Velvet, cotton, woven fabric, etc.
  • Is there a part of nature you want to reflect in your space? The beach, forest, etc.

Once you answer these questions for yourself, your vision will come into view. You’re ready to create the right space, designed just for you. At Uniek Living, we have a few favorite pieces to help you get started:

The Perfect Modern Table

The Shunan table comes in two sizes and three different colors, allowing it to fit your needs and your carefully curated color palette. This modern table is perfect as a nightstand, a coffee table, or an end table for your couch. The design is unique, yet classic, with the combination of wood and metal. If you want to use it in a shared space with your roommates, it’s sure to meet all your unique styles. The all-steel Sliced table also comes in the same classic colors, but with a powdered steel finish for a sleek design.

Updated Study Sessions

Late-night study sessions affect every college student, no matter what degree you’re working towards. The Dost chair by PUIK is perfect for those nights you’re up late finishing assigned reading, or flipping through flashcards. Sitting on your bed is tempting, but we all know that only ends one falling asleep. If you’re looking for focus, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort when you introduce this wool lounge chair to your modern bedroom. The Dost chair comes in four very different colors, including a bold yellow, so you can still achieve your design goals for your space.

Modern Seating for Shared Spaces

Your college roommates are some of the greatest bonds you will ever form, and your common living areas contribute to that bond. Whether it’s breakfast together, pre-gaming before a party, or a place to complain about your landlord, those spaces should fit your needs as a group. These Option chairs by PUIK are made of black felt and steel, for that sleek design to fit any kitchen table. These chairs geometric seats are unique, and they come in four different combinations of circles and squares. Each of your roommates can choose a different design to be their unique chair!

If you’re looking to bring more color to your shared space, try these hanging herb pots from Zuperzozial, which are made from biodegradable materials and will create the perfect roommate bonding experience: potting your favorite herbs!

Centerpiece of Conversation

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your college apartment is often the most overlooked for the average college-age shopper. But with your curated vision for your home design, you already know the right coffee table can elevate a living room to new heights. The Kilo Calorie coffee table is one of our favorite pieces because the modern table has a Dutch design mixed with a traditional Japanese Kotatsu table to become the center of your living space. Once you surround this coffee table with your friends, you’ll see how useful a large, low-to-the-ground coffee table can be.

Versatile Modern Furniture

In a college apartment, you need furniture that’s going to adapt to your needs. When you have surprise guests over, and your kitchen chairs aren’t enough, think about incorporating furniture that serves as both seating and a modern table. For example, the Kilo bar stool can be used as seating in your living area for any of your guests, and when they leave, slide the bar stool next to your furniture to serve as a colorful side table. With six color options coated with high-pressure laminate, your new seat is easy to clean and will fit any space.  If you’re looking for versatile seating to decorate your small space, the Kilo Volt is the perfect fit for the room you have in mind.

Need a more classic look? The black or white aluminum finish on the Vouw side table can deliver a smooth, elegant option. The design of this modern table can fit snugly next to your couch (or bed for a modern bedroom look), and can also be used as an extra seat.

Modern Bedroom Storage

When it comes to a modern bedroom, functionality plays a role. You want pieces with unique shapes and colors, but that can also fit into a small bedroom. A modern table like the Kilo Joule side table for your room or apartment is one of the most versatile items you can choose. With the ability to withstand the weight of two of your heaviest roommates, you can use the Kilo Joule as a TV stand, a bookshelf, or stack to display your collectibles. There are four different colors, so you can create a muted storage space or an array of color for all the items you want to show off.

Pillow Talk

No matter the goal of your home design, we can all agree an inviting bed is the best thing to see at the end of the day. Adding one throw pillow (or many, we don’t judge) to your modern bedroom can change the whole vibe of your bedding. The Etna Square cushion brings new texture to your space. The velvet fabric, which comes in three colors, is sewn into corduroy bands in two different directions to create an edgy, geometric flair. If you’re looking for geometric additions to your design, the Plus cushion by PUIK is available in squares, rectangles, or hexagons. The seven color and shape combinations of the velvet pillow will look great in your modern bedroom or on your living room couch! Cotton pillows are perfect for stacking, and the embroidery on the Arrabida cushion paired with the print on the Por Do Sol cushion will showcase the diverse textures in your design vision.

With our unique pieces at Uniek Living paired with your design vision, your college apartment is ready to reflect your youthful taste with grown-up flair. Finish your degree strong in the space you’ve always dreamed — start shopping now and check out our blog for more tips.

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