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Unique Gifts Every Bride will Love

No matter what stage of life you’re in, weddings will always be a part of it. You might be the young 20-something who can’t say no to an invitation to be a bridesmaid. You might be the 50-something preparing to go to your best friend’s daughter’s wedding, which snuck up on both of you way faster than anticipated – weren’t you both just in college?! Whatever the age or situation, weddings are a constant, and so are the events that come with them, including bridal showers.

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Looking for a Unique Wedding Gift?

We're glad you said something because we specialize in this area! Here at Uniek Living, we are firm believers in Dutch décor. It gives a distinctively modern look and feel to the place you call home. Dutch Design is native to the Netherlands and focuses on minimalism, functionalism, and innovation. These three factors are a sound basis for the bride-to-be and her fiancé to decorate a starter home!

Below, we give you our five favorite gifts for the kitchen, for the living room, and just plain fun.

Unique Gifts for the Kitchen:

  1. K'Willem in Huis Flat Bowl

Fruit bowls are replacing centerpieces on many kitchen tables across the world, and with good reason. They not only look nice, but they provide practicality and functionality to what would normally just be a decoration. The flat bowl by K’Willem in Huis is here to change things up from your average fruit bowl. This must-have item is not only sleek enough to complement a modern kitchen, but it is also earth-friendly! The flat bowl is made from recycled round iron, meaning the recipient of this potential bridal shower gift can feel good about sustainability.

  1. De Intuitefabriek Sum Gradient Mugs

four blue mugs in varying shades

Most everyone has mismatched mugs lying around their house or apartment, whether they are souvenirs from vacation or gifts from a white elephant exchange. These mugs are great, but we’re here to tell you that everyone should have a set of handle-less mugs. It's unconventional, for sure, but it makes sense for modern kitchen lovers. These minimalist mugs not only look beautiful, but they store much more easily than regular mugs. The bride-to-be will love the sensibility of these unique gifts!

  1. Urban Nature Culture Salad Servers

These salad servers are for the bride who is an entertainer, the bride who cannot wait to get married, move into a home with her new spouse, and host her first major dinner party. You know the type! The shapes of these servers are meant to blend in with your salad leaves, but the color is intended to wow. Typical bridal shower gifts in this realm come in an all-black set complete with spatulas and the works, but electing to go this route will undoubtedly pay off. The compliments at the future dinner party will be endless!

  1. Puik Salt and Pepper Shaker

unique glass and wood salt and pepper shakers

See your friend, sister, or whoever is getting married freak out the way Monica Geller did when she opened up the shaker set she received for her wedding! This salt and pepper shaker set from Puik is so simple, yet so complex when you delve into the makings of it. At first glance, these shakers look like Puik stuck some cork in glass and called it a day. However, each shaker has a slightly arched bottom, creating a small tilt when the shaker is on the table. You wanted a unique gift, and we certainly have it with this option!

  1. Onshus Glass Carafe

A wedding (or life after one) isn’t complete without wine. Help the bride prepare for sophisticated wine nights by gifting her a glass carafe. An act as simple as pouring a bottle of wine into something as beautiful and timeless as this carafe shows class that others will be envious of. Purchasing this as a bridal shower gift is optimal, as there will most likely be wine at the shower. If you want to skip the "classy" part and get right to it, you might as well test out the carafe directly after it's opened – we won't judge!

For the Living Room:

  1. Puik Coaster Set

Nobody wants rings on their coffee table, especially a new bride! Coasters are important in any household, but the problem tends to be that they’re too basic and boring. Look no further than the Puik coaster set for the exact opposite of that! These coasters are made out of silicone, so they work for all temperatures. The fun geometric pattern keeps you guessing and allows them to interlock, creating a larger surface area. That means you can use one for a glass of water, or multiple for when you bring the crockpot filled with a tasty dip into the living room, making this a truly unique gift.

  1. Onshus Multi Candlestick

A living room begs for candles to make it homey, cozy, and warm. Rather than just lighting one thick candle, light five thin ones with this multi candlestick holder! The different heights of the candles are pleasing to the eye, and you can rely on how sturdy the candelabra is. This piece is quite exceptional in that it makes a statement. It is the perfect bridal shower gift, as it creates a breathtaking ambiance perfect for a woman and her new spouse.

  1. K'Willem in Huis Large Metal Basket


Often, a bride-to-be registers for blankets, sheets, towels, etc. to start fresh in her new life. While planning a wedding, it is easy for her to forget about a place to put these items! That's where you come in. Dare to go off the registry with a unique gift like this large metal basket. It's a simple and clean house accessory that any couple would love. Who knows? Maybe one day soon, they'll have a little son or daughter running to this basket to grab his or her favorite blanket before bed.

  1. Handles and More Leather Shelf Strap

Where is the bride going to put all her gorgeous engagement and wedding photos she got framed? That’s where you come into play! Purchase the leather shelf straps by Handles and More as her bridal shower gift, and she won’t be able to stop thanking you. These uncommon straps latch easily on to a hook, and she can put wood, metal, or any other type of material in them to create a shelf that is uniquely her own. The leather contributes to a modern living room style, and the setup she creates will add the perfect touch of personalization.

  1. Puik Mirrors

Mirrors are timeless pieces of décor that any future bride would love to have in her home. These Puik mirrors are unlike those that you would typically see in someone's living room, as they combine faceted glass and three-dimensional shapes. Mirrors are generally flat against the wall, but the designer of these cut the edge of the glass to create depth, making this selection a very unique gift.

Modern Gifts For Fun:

  1. Kywie Champagne Cooler

Pop the champagne – this girl is getting married! Once the bottle is open, though, how will you keep it chilled? This champagne cooler is actually a sheepskin tote, so the wool and air around it lock together at the bottle’s neck to keep the bubbly fresh and sparkling. This is a perfect bridal shower gift, as it can be used at the bachelorette party, while getting ready the day of the wedding, and for any and all girls’ nights after that. Which bottle best suits the bride? Have her take this quiz to find out, and toss that in as part of the present as well!

  1. Kywie Suede Wine Cooler

Everything that was said for the Kywie champagne cooler can be said for the Kywie wine cooler, from the sheepskin material to the occasions it can be used for. The biggest perk about this item? It comes in six different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits the recipient.

  1. Zuperzozial Hanging Herb Pots

three hanging plant pots with herbs

We know, everyone is into succulents and herb these days, so you might not think this is a particularly unique gift. We’re here to prove that thought wrong! These hanging herb pots will not only look super cute in the couple’s house or apartment, but they are also made from corn and bamboo, giving them that unique, sustainable edge. The materials help the environment and provide a far more durable alternative to plastic pots!

  1. Zooi Magnetic Chalkboard

Life as a couple is very different than living as a single person, and this chalkboard by Zooi is here to assist. It’s magnetic, meaning it is a perfect place to hang those sweet love notes that couples tend to write when they’re in the honeymoon stage (and hopefully long after!). In addition, the chalkboard serves as a great tool to jot down reminders for one another, or to utilize as a shared calendar so the bride and her spouse can be aware of any upcoming gatherings or events that include the both of them. Zooi has truly made a perfect, practical bridal shower gift!

  1. Onshus Ceramic Vase

This final item is a ceramic vase that can be used to hold flowers or can be a simple decoration. It comes in two sizes, which we recommend purchasing as a set. The slightly slanted top and the intricate details from the designer give the piece movement, making it a more unique gift than any other vase she might receive.

Bridal showers are such special occasions in women’s lives. They celebrate someone taking a huge next step, whether it is a close friend, a family member, or you! A commitment to someone for life deserves thoughtful bridal shower gifts, which is why we put together this list. There is no denying that a registry is great to help a couple kickstart their lives together with everything they need. That said, unique gifts such as a multi candlestick or a magnetic chalkboard really show you care.

At Uniek Living, we strive to think outside the box and therefore carry pieces that you usually can’t find anywhere else. Our rotating inventory ensures your purchase for someone is truly a unique gift rather than something everyone has. In this instance, it might be a bridal shower gift, but who knows? Maybe a baby shower is right around the corner, and you'll need to do some shopping for that! Whatever the occasion, or even if there is no occasion at all, we're here to provide you with something modern, sleek, and special.

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