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PUIK Crystal: Which is Better for Gifting & Drinking, Glass or Crystal Glassware?

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PUIK Crystal Glassware

Glassware is a beautiful gift for nearly any occasion — it's one of the rare gift ideas that the recipient can use, enjoy, and cherish forever. Choosing the right glassware gift, however, can be difficult. You need something that is both beautiful and timeless. 

PUIK crystal glassware and carafes take the guesswork out of gift giving. Their Radiant and Rare collections feature crystal carafes and glasses that are one of the best-selling sets sold by PUIK (pronounced: powk).

These diamond-shaped pieces can sit at different angles to create beautiful liquid, light, and glass reflections throughout. This crystal glassware is sure to catch the eye as it sparkles in the room. Because of its clarity and brilliance, crystal glassware can reflect rainbow-colored prisms.

Crystal or Glass for Glassware?

When it comes to choosing a glassware material, you have a few options. In this article, we’ll compare glass and crystal, but ceramic and metal are two additional materials to note. The better choice for you will depend on a few factors: quality, sparkle, and price point.

Crystal Glassware

Crystal glassware was traditionally made from leaded glass, which gave it its higher quality feel. PUIK, along with most modern crystal pieces, contains no lead, so these pieces are safe to use for beverages. 

Crystal is a sturdier material than glass, so you’ll see that crystal can be blown into a thinner and more delicate shape with less risk of fracture. It also has a higher refractive index, meaning that it sparkles quite a bit more than standard glass. However, crystal glassware can also be more expensive than glass glassware. 

Glass Glassware

Glass glassware, on the other hand, comes in a variety of different colors and styles, and it's usually less expensive than crystal glassware. While not as thin or sparkly, it can still be a wonderful choice for your beverage needs.

Ultimately, the decision of which type of stemware to choose is up to you. Consider your needs and budget when making your choice.

Crystal Wine Glasses

If you are a wine drinker deciding what type of glasses to buy, you may think a crystal wine glass is the best option. That may be true, but before you make your choice, there are several other factors (beyond material) to consider when purchasing the right crystal wine glass. 

  • Bowl
    The bowl is the most important part of the glass. The ideal size and shape of the bowl depends on the type of wine you want to serve. For example, if you are serving red wine, you will want a bigger bowl so that the wine has space to breathe.

  • Rim
    Thicker rims on cheap wine glasses make you drink more of the wine at one time. They also make the drinker more prone to dribble. This is because there is more surface area on the rim and, for the drinker, less control over it.

  • Air Space
    The air space is the area from the top of the rim to the surface of the wine. 

    To achieve the right air space, fill your wine glass up to its widest part. For more volatile wines, it might be better to use a taller wine glass so there's more room for air.
  • Surface Area
    The surface area is measured at the widest part of the glass. The ideal surface area will depend on the necessary air space. When choosing the surface area, remember that this controls how much of the aroma the drinker will experience as they drink.

  • Volume
    To get the right amount of wine, fill your glass up to the widest part of the bowl. If you use a bigger glass, you can put more wine in it, but don’t overfill or you’ll lose some of the flavor notes.

The Radiant PUIK crystal wine glasses are a perfect addition to any wine connoisseur’s collections. Whether it's a gift or for your own collection, these glasses offer an elegant experience. You will love drinking from them every time.

Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Could a crystal wine glass also double as a crystal whiskey glass? 

Maybe you’re going to a wedding and the groom loves a Tullamore on the rocks, but the bride loves a good cab. As we touched on, the Radiant crystal glass set by PUIK is a great wine set, but it can absolutely double as a crystal whiskey glass.  

The Radiant collection creates the perfect tumbler for a whiskey drinker. A tumbler glass is the most common type of whisky glass. These glasses can be filled with ice and your whisky of choice, or used to serve cocktails. The wide and strong base is excellent for muddling cocktail ingredients and its simple design lets drinks speak for themselves.

The versatility of the Radiant collection is why we think it's the perfect addition to any home bar. No matter the drink, the Radiant crystal can deliver. This makes them them the perfect wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift.

About PUIK: Radiant and Rare

This glassware is an art.

Rare by PUIK is a crystal decanter with a contemporary design. The glasses crafted from mouth-blown crystal into an elegant diamond shape will steal the spotlight on your table. This pitcher is designed to stand up or lean on its side without spilling. Rare intentionally draws attention to itself and creates a perfect centerpiece from the display of liquid, glass, and light.

Radiant by PUIK is a beautiful crystal water glass with a unique diamond shape. You can set down the glass in various ways without spilling a drop and creating different reflections of light from different angles. Complete your beautiful contemporary look by combining Radiant and Rare for a perfect ensemble on your table.


Radiant and Rare: The Perfect Gift

Glassware is a beautiful gift for nearly any occasion that the recipient will cherish forever. Choosing the right gift is difficult, but with PUIK crystal glassware and carafes, you will find a gift anyone would love. Radiant and Rare crystal carafes and glasses can be used for any drink, making them the perfect gift choice for wine drinkers, whiskey fans, cocktail lovers, or mocktail mavericks.

With PUIK, you’ll receive both the highest quality crystal and manufacturing techniques to craft these carafes and glasses. Here at Uniek Living, we stand by all our PUIK products as top of the line quality and design. We are so proud to partner with this amazing Dutch designer to bring their collections to the United States. 

See link below to shop the Radiant and Rare crystal carafes and glasses, or search PUIK in the menu option to find other products like our Monday Mug or the BOEIEN salt & pepper shakers. No matter the occasion, the PUIK collection makes the perfect gift.

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