BOWL - HANDMADE - 33CM – Uniek Living
HANDMADE BOWL - 33 - Uniek Living
HANDMADE BOWL - 33 - Uniek Living
HANDMADE BOWL - 33 - Uniek Living


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Upgrade the look and feel of your home by incorporating this handmade bowl by NADesign.

Brand NADesign
Material Ceramics 
33 cm or 13 in

Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products. 

An artist pours the liquid clay into the mold to create its shape and applies the glaze to each piece by hand. The matte finish on the outside, coupled with the glossy inner bowl, adds to the unique look. Each handmade bowl measures approximately 33cm or 13 inches across. The hand-glazing ceramic process ensures that each modern bowl is truly unique. 

This modern bowl works well in any style décor. The ceramic foundation and cream color make this the perfect accent piece that pairs well with neutrals as well as more vibrant color options.

This ceramic bowl looks stunning in any room, styled in a variety of ways:

  • Create a contrasting look by pairing this bowl with one or two vibrant colored pieces
  • Put it in your kitchen to store a collection of pastries, cookies, or snacks
  • Place a set of tea lights in the bowl to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom
  • Add this bowl to your bathroom counter to hold lotions, bath bombs, or soaps
  • Create a miniature garden by adding an assortment of potted succulents or herbs 

The ceramic bowls have been designed and made in the Netherlands. This product is NOT watertight or dishwasher safe. 

Add this handmade bowl to your cart now to add class and style to any room. 

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