The Poijke Cutting Board by Brood + Plank.
The maker of the Poijke Cutting Board from Brood + Plank posing with the cutting board.
Brood + Plank's modern kitchenware. The Poijke Cutting board with flatbread.
Two Poijke cutting boards by Brood + Plank stacked.


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The POIJKE is a beautifully handmade, thick french oak board with leather strap and made by Serge Veenema of BROOD + PLANK. Functional as cutting boards but also a perfect vessel to showcase your creations.

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Brand Brood + Plank
Designer Serge Veenema
Material French Oak


SMALL: 55 x 30 cm or  22 x 12 in.                               

LARGE: 60 x 30 cm or 24 x 12 in

Color Natural

Actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products.

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