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A closeup of the handle of Brood + Plank's Mare Cutting Board.
Brood + Plank modern kitchenware is made by hand. Tag on Mare Cutting Board for clarity.
A stack of Mare Cutting Boards by Brood + Plank.
Closeup of Brood + Plank mark on the Mare Cutting Board.
A Brood + Plank Mare Cutting Board being used to chop herbs.


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Brand Brood + Plank
Designer Serge Veenema
Material French Oak


SMALL: 50 x 24 cm or 20 x 9.5 in
LARGE: 75 x 24 cm or 30 x 9.5 in
Color Natural

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The Mare Cutting Board by Brood and Plank is far more than just a modern cutting board. In fact, Serge Veenema, the owner and designer behind Brood and Plank, chooses to call it a presentation board. The small-sized cutting board is just over a foot and a half long, while the large cutting board is two and a half feet long. The wide handle and large surface area make it the perfect piece of functional modern decor for entertaining.

Brood and Plank are known for their craftsmanship. Each of the beautiful wood pieces they create is shaped and sawed by hand, sanded down to perfection, oiled, and then burned with their signature mark. This handmade process ensures that each and every piece is absolutely unique to you.

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