Multi Colored Metal Cylinder Necklace | MOOI | Uniek – Uniek Living
Rainbow assortment of multi colored metal cylinders on a MOOI necklace.
The clasp on the multi colored metal cylinder necklace by MOOI.


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If you can’t decide what color jewelry to add to your outfit, choose them all! This 15-strand necklace by MOOI is both whimsical and delightfully feminine. A collection of small multi-colored metal cylinders brings a fun and funky look to this necklace, making it perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit.

If you are picking jewelry to wear to work or dressing up a low-key outfit for a night out, these beads will provide a bright enough accent without being too much. Wear this modern necklace as a statement piece or pair it with pearl, diamond, or sterling silver or gold earrings for a complete set of accessories.

If you want a more neutral option, you’ll love our 15-strand necklace in silver.

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