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Modern Decor for Your College Apartment

Going away to college is a massive step for many teenagers. They gain a real sense of independence by living away from home, managing their schedules, and developing their academic interests. They will express their personality and style through the way they dress, as well as through how they decorate their living space - their college apartment.

The last thing a college kid wants is an apartment that looks just like every other freshman apartment on campus. Instead of hanging up movie posters and shopping for cheaply made furniture, try modern decor to help elevate your apartment style.

At Uniek Living, we focus on the excellence and style of Dutch design, curating our site with pieces that balance a modern aesthetic with practical use. Read on for our tips on how to turn your college apartment into a sanctuary of modern style.

young woman in a small college apartment kitchen with view of living room

Modern Flair for your College Apartment

To take your college apartment to the next level, we suggest incorporating modern decor and housewares in your living and dining areas. Not only are these items functional, but they'll also show your new college friends that you take your style seriously. You may even start a new design trend on your floor!

You may have heard the words modern and contemporary used interchangeably, but there are a few key differences when searching for your next apartment piece. Contemporary refers to the "here and now," while modern pieces harken back to a particular period, such as the 1970s. Modern furniture and accessories feature the earthy tones, such as green, orange and yellow, popular from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while contemporary items are more futuristic looking, featuring elements of glass, steel, chrome or nickel.

For current college students, we suggest leaning toward modern pieces when selecting furniture and household items to feature in your new apartment! These stylish items will give your space a level of charisma that few others in your dorm will achieve.

Zuperzozial: Contemporary and Eco-Friendly

three hanging potted plants in bright colors

If you are looking for unique, modern decor that will turn your new college apartment into an Instagrammable space, look no further than the goods offered by Zuperzozial. Not only are their products well designed and durable, but they are also designed to be biodegradable in under three years. You're protecting the environment and giving yourself an excuse to shop for new, fun housewares and modern decor every couple of years!

The last thing a new college student needs is a bland apartment. Luckily, Zuperzozial has a variety of unique designs for modern decor that will quickly turn your apartment into everyone's favorite chill spot. Add some flair to your walls in your living room or kitchen with the Zuperzozial Spice It Up hanging herb pots. This quirky set of three pots will let you create a hanging herb garden right in your apartment! Their soft, calming colors and beautiful hanging ropes will give your space a funky, retro feel. Plus, you'll have all the herbs you need in a pinch!

Zuperzozial in Your Kitchen

colorful cutting boards on a counter

Zuperzozial has you covered in the kitchen as well. You'll rise above the rest when you skip the drab plastic plates and cups and opt for kitchen wares that have more charisma and personality.

The Sweet Fortune Bowl set will elevate your next ice cream sundae party or your daily bowl of cereal in the morning! In colors such as rainbow, breeze, and dawn, these bowls will not only look pretty. They will also help you protect the environment, as they are designed to biodegrade within three years. They are a perfect match for the Cupful of Colour cups and Spoonful of Colour set, bringing your commitment to modern decor full circle in your kitchen.

We know that college students are busy with classes, social events, and studying, but many students enjoy baking as a way to decompress and impress their hallmates! Zuperzozial extends their commitment to eco-friendly, modern decor with their Cup of Flavour Measuring Cups set. This set of measuring cups comes in a similar palette of color as the cups and bowls linked above. When you've finished your baked masterpiece, display it for your friends on one of the Chop Chop Cutting Boards Zuperzozial has to offer! Your homemade treat will look fantastic set against the cutting board's modern color. You can also cut and serve your friends straight from the board!

Modern Decor for Your Living Room

College apartments are typically pretty compact. Given the small space you have to work with, you'll want to choose furniture and other decor that will open up your sitting and living spaces as much as possible. Modern decor, especially furniture, is on the minimalist side, with clean lines and earthy tones that add to a sense of relaxation and openness.

You can give your apartment's living area a comfy vibe with a modern lounge chair. Add in a side table so that your guests can sit back and enjoy the delicious baked goods or ice cream sundae you've so thoughtfully provided them. Having a comfortable place to rest your body takes away the stresses that college classes and social gatherings can bring on.

A Comfortable Living Space for Self Care

Self-care is essential at any age. For college students who are living away from home for the first time and balancing packed schedules, it is particularly important to take time to relax and decompress. It can be difficult for you to feel at ease if your apartment is cluttered or disorganized. Be sure to keep your mental health in mind when designing your perfect college apartment!

When considering self-care, what you choose to fill your apartment with matters. Simple, clean-looking furniture and sets of kitchen wares in calming colors are two fantastic ways to turn your college apartment into a zen zone for relaxation. Uniek Living’s handcrafted, simple Dutch designs are the perfect addition to your self-care sanctuary!

Take a look through our blog for more ideas on elevating your apartment style and suggestions on the perfect additions to any living or dining space.

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